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The Guides of Altezza Travel successfully completed training in Nepal

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On November 10, our mountain guides Abraham, Victor, and Joshua returned from an exciting journey to Nepal. In collaboration with the Nimsdai’s team Elite Exped, they successfully ascended Imja Tse (Island Peak). This trip was more than just a climb; it served as a valuable exchange of expertise. The Altezza team shared their knowledge in handling large groups while learning the foundations of technical rock climbing from their Nepalese colleagues. Additionally, both teams shared their approaches to client management, learning unique methods and experiences in guiding climbers. 

This experience was also a step towards fostering a strong bond between the Tanzanian and Nepalese teams, setting a solid foundation for the upcoming 2024 climbing season on Kilimanjaro.

Victor and Abraham on the Island Peak
Victor and Abraham on the Island Peak

The project's inception can be traced to Nim’s visit to Tanzania. The renowned mountaineer and star of the Netflix movie “14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible,” first came to Tanzania in August 2022. He selected Altezza Travel as the service provider for Kilimanjaro climbs for his international climbing company, Elite Exped. 

On these trips, Nims spent a lot of time with our mountain guides. Recognizing the potential for mutual growth, he proposed an idea: an exchange program where Nepalese and Tanzanian guides could exchange their experiences and expertise. This led to the invitation of our guides to the Himalayas. 

At the end of October 2023, Altezza Travel prepared our guides for their journey to Nepal. Joshua, Abraham, and Victor, equipped with all the necessary gear, were set for their first trip abroad. The company took care of their travel tickets and insurance. After a lengthy flight of over 20 hours, they landed safely in Kathmandu, where they met their Nepalese counterparts. From there, they took a helicopter to Lukla.

In Nepal, our guides underwent a brief training on using ropes, spikes, and other equipment, essential in Nepal but not necessary on Kilimanjaro, and hence unknown to them. Alongside their Nepalese colleagues, they then embarked on their ascent of Imja Tse. 

Climbing on Imja Tse is different from Kilimanjaro, where one won’t see slopes that steep
Climbing on Imja Tse is different from Kilimanjaro, where one won’t see slopes that steep

The climb was smooth for our guides, thanks to their acclimatization experience on Kilimanjaro, which proved vital in adapting to the challenging conditions of Imja Tse. All three reached the summit successfully.

The primary objective of this expedition – enhancing teamwork and fostering a deeper understanding between the Tanzanian and Nepalese teams – was triumphantly met. Altezza Travel eagerly awaits the arrival of the Elite Exped teams for the 2024 season in Tanzania. Victor, Abraham, and Joshua, now seasoned with experiences from both Kilimanjaro and the Himalayas, are fully prepared to lead them to the summit of the world's highest free-standing mountain.

On their journey to Kilimanjaro, our trekkers can expect more than just insights about the local wildlife, flora, and the mountain's history. Our guides will also share their experiences from the Himalayas, drawing intriguing parallels between trekking in Africa and Asia. This unique perspective might even spark an interest among some travelers to embark on their own Himalayan adventure in the future.

Altezza guides in the Himalayas
Altezza guides in the Himalayas

Upon their return to the airport, the guides received a very warm welcome. Their families, along with Altezza Travel's managers, were there to greet the successful climbers. The reception was filled with deep emotion; it was the first time the guides had left Tanzania, and the lack of communication due to poor satellite coverage in the Himalayas had been a source of stress for their families.

Happy Abraham arriving back home to Tanzania
Happy Abraham arriving back home to Tanzania
Long-awaited reunion
Long-awaited reunion
Certain moments are truly emotional
Certain moments are truly emotional

The most heartwarming scenes unfolded as the children reunited with their fathers. These moments were particularly moving, reflecting the pride and joy in the eyes of the children, who admired their fathers not just as family but as accomplished mountaineers. This reunion marked not only the end of a significant journey for the guides but also a moment of immense pride and happiness for their loved ones.

Abraham with his daughter, who is extremely proud of her father
Abraham with his daughter, who is extremely proud of her father
A Maasai dress - “shuka” - is traditionally worn by travelers returning home
A Maasai dress - “shuka” - is traditionally worn by travelers returning home

If you're interested in experiencing a Kilimanjaro adventure under the expert guidance of Victor, Abraham, or Joshua, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team will assist you in planning the perfect trip that aligns with your calendar and budget. 

Published on 18 November 2023 Revised on 25 December 2023
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