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Kilimanjaro Group Climbs 2024 - 2025

Kilimanjaro Group Climbs 2024 - 2025

Kilimanjaro Adventures with Altezza Travel

As the leading operator of Mount Kilimanjaro treks in the world, Altezza Travel organizes over 800 expeditions annually, welcoming more than 4500 hikers from around the world. Our commitment to safe and comfortable adventures is why we hold the #1 ranking for Kilimanjaro operators on TripAdvisor.

Our scheduled group climbs to Mount Kilimanjaro depart every few days, as indicated in the calendar below. Please reach out to us if you cannot find an expedition that suits your schedule. We often have the flexibility to open new groups with travel dates that align with your preferences.

Joining these adventures offers a fantastic chance to explore Africa's highest mountain with like-minded travelers. On our group trips, you'll make new friends from all over the world. At the camps, you'll enjoy meals and share stories with adventurers from the USA, EU, Australia, UK, and beyond. While hiking, you'll share laughs and support each other, creating meaningful and enduring friendships.

To reserve your spot in one of our open group climbs, we only require a small deposit of $100. The remaining balance can be paid upon your arrival in Tanzania. 

If you prefer a more personalized experience on a Kilimanjaro expedition, we can tailor a private expedition to your preferences. Whether you want to go alone, with family and friends, away from other travel groups, or seeking a premium adventure on the Roof of Africa, we've got you covered. This option offers flexibility in both climbing routes and dates. You can find out more about the rates and additional details for private Kilimanjaro adventures with Altezza Travel by visiting our pricing section.

This is the best time to join Kilimanjaro climbing group!

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Private and Group Climbs with Altezza. What are the differences?

Watch the short video below to learn more about the differences between our open group climbs and private expeditions.

Private vs. Group Kilimanjaro Climbs with Altezza: Which One's for You?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Kilimanjaro group climbs different from private climbs?

Unlike a private trip, a join group climb is open to anyone. This provides an opportunity to hike alongside a diverse group of people from around the world who share the goal of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. This shared experience encompasses everything from the trek itself to socializing in the dining tent at the camps. In contrast, private climbing adventures are exclusive to you and your chosen companions, whether family or friends, ensuring a more personalized adventure on the Roof of Africa.

Another key difference lies in scheduling. Group departures have predetermined departure dates and durations. For example, a Lemosho 7-day Kilimanjaro climb scheduled for January 1st will strictly adhere to these timings. In contrast, private trips offer the flexibility to start on any date that suits you.

When it comes to additional services, group departures are more limited compared to private climbs. For example, on a group climb, you won't be able to upgrade to premium walk-in sleeping tents. But no worries: as standard, you'll sleep in our standard North Face tents, which are highly praised by over 95% of Altezza hikers. Similarly, choosing an extended premium meal plan isn't an option for group treks.

Despite these differences, many aspects of group and private trips to climb Mount Kilimanjaro are similar. Both utilize the same climbing crew composition, adhere to high safety and evacuation standards, and use the same type of dining tents. The primary differences are the fixed dates and the presence of other hikers in a join group.

How frequently do Altezza join departures start?

As the largest operator of Mount Kilimanjaro treks, Altezza Travel offers group expeditions that start every couple of days. This frequent schedule is designed to accommodate the varying travel dates of our clients from all over the world. During traditionally busy seasons, such as August, September, January, and February, we schedule an even larger number of climbs. This approach ensures travelers have a wide range of options aligning with their preferred travel dates for a Kilimanjaro climb.

We are mindful of varying preferences and try to alternate the climbing routes. This strategy allows us to cater to different interests, ensuring travelers find a climb that appeals to them within their planned vacation period.

We may open a join group climb for your dates

In the unlikely event that none of our open Kilimanjaro climb groups match your available dates, we encourage you to contact our managers. We are always open to considering the launch of a new open group with travel dates that suit your schedule. Alternatively, we will help you select an appropriate Kilimanjaro trip from our range of private adventures, ensuring that your climbing experience meets your expectations and fits seamlessly into your travel plans.

Why are the prices for a group Kilimanjaro climb different from the prices for a private climb?

Participation in a group hike is slightly less expensive compared to a private climb. This is because the expenses associated with organizing an expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, such as crew salaries and food supplies, are divided among all participants in a group. Thus, joining a group is a more affordable way to experience the adventure of climbing Kilimanjaro.

Regarding private climbs, the price per person goes down as the size of the group increases. For instance, if you have a private group with more than 3 members, the cost per person aligns closely with that of a group Kilimanjaro climb.

This pricing structure makes private climbs quite accessible, especially for larger groups, allowing more climbers to enjoy Kilimanjaro at a reasonable cost.

Can a group of friends or a family sign up for a Mount Kilimanjaro group climb?

Yes, a small group can certainly sign up for a Kilimanjaro group trip, and many people choose this option. While they can arrange a private trek, joining a group trip might appeal more due to the social aspect. These shared adventures attract many easy-going, like-minded individuals from across the globe, making them ideal for meeting new and interesting people. Climbing Kilimanjaro in such a diverse group can often be more enjoyable than trekking just with a small group of people you know.

At Altezza Travel, we frequently witness the transformation of a group of strangers into a close-knit team, especially after the shared accomplishment of reaching the summit. It's a joy to see how those group climbs foster camaraderie and lasting friendships, adding another dimension to the memorable experience of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.

How many people usually sign up for a group climb?

Typically, a group consists of 10-15 people, which we have found to be the optimal number for both effective camp management and good social interactions among trekkers. However, during shoulder seasons like early March, early June, and late October, it's common to see smaller groups, often ranging from 5 to 8 people.

During peak seasons, the number of people booking to climb Kilimanjaro can surge to 40-50 for the same adventure. However, too many climbers in one group can often be uncomfortable. To uphold our high standards of camp management and organization, we divide such large groups into smaller subgroups, each consisting of 10-15 people. At Altezza, we have plenty of guides, tents, and equipment to accommodate up to 300 climbers on Mount Kilimanjaro simultaneously. Our current record is hosting 180 climbers at once, and we aim to surpass this in 2024.

Guaranteed group departures

Importantly, all our departures are guaranteed. This means even in the extremely unlikely case that you are the only person who booked a trip, we will still run it as scheduled, even though there are no other travelers. We are committed to never canceling trips due to a low number of participants, ensuring that every booking, regardless of group size, is honored and every adventure to climb Kilimanjaro is fulfilled.

Which countries do the hikers in Kilimanjaro group climbs typically come from?

Hikers joining our group climbs come from a diverse range of countries, reflecting the global appeal of this iconic trek. Typically, travelers on our hikes are from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, and various EU countries. We also occasionally have trekkers from Brazil, Japan, India, Singapore, and other countries around the globe.

We speak English on our trips

To ensure a comfortable and inclusive environment for all participants, English is the primary language spoken on our trips. This common language fosters communication and camaraderie among the group members while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Our group climbs are not just about reaching the summit but also about the shared experiences and connections made along the way.

Who are Private Kilimanjaro climbs more suitable for?

Private Kilimanjaro climbs offer great value to those seeking a more personalized and tranquil experience. These climbs are ideal for individuals who prefer solitude or wish to spend quality time with selected friends or family members without the presence of strangers, no matter how friendly and easy-going they may be. They are perfect for family reunions, where members can bond over a shared challenge, or for team-building activities that strengthen camaraderie. Old friends can use this time to reconnect, enjoying each other's company in a unique setting.

Additionally, private climbs are highly suited for solo climbers looking to climb Kilimanjaro for personal reflection. The peace and quiet of a private trek allow such individuals to fully immerse themselves in their thoughts and the mountain's natural beauty.

The private Kilimanjaro experience is also for those interested in premium Kilimanjaro packages or custom trekking itineraries that aren't available on the open group departures. For example, the unique option of camping in Kilimanjaro crater is not offered on our shared trips.

Can the departure date of a Kilimanjaro group climb change?

The departure dates for our scheduled climbs to Mount Kilimanjaro are fixed and cannot be altered. These dates are set as other participants plan their adventures around them, purchasing air tickets and scheduling vacations accordingly.

However, if you're interested in a group trek but find that the departure dates don't align with your schedule, feel free to reach out to our team. In such cases, we will consider the possibility of opening a new Mount Kilimanjaro group trek that aligns with your preferred dates. Alternatively, you can always opt for one of our private adventures, which offers more flexibility in terms of dates and itinerary.

All our travel consultants climbed Kilimanjaro many times and have excellent knowledge of the mountain.

What routes on Mt Kilimanjaro are used for Group Climbs?

At Altezza Travel, we carefully selected the best routes for our group adventures, prioritizing great acclimatization profiles and scenic views. Our primary choices for most join groups are the seven-day variations of the Lemosho route, Machame route, and Rongai route. We recommend these seven-day adventures over the shorter six-day options for better acclimatization and higher chances of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Group trips during the rainy season climbs

During the rainy seasons, we often opt for the Marangu route, unique for offering hut accommodation. Another excellent alternative for those seasons is the Rongai route, which traverses the northern slopes. According to the Tanzania Meteorological Authority, that area receives significantly less rainfall than other sides of the mountain, making it a great option during wetter months.

We also run expeditions along the Northern Circuit route several times a year for our join departures. Northern Circuit is a day longer than the other routes and follows a less-visited trail along the northern slopes of Kilimanjaro. We recommend the Northern Circuit route to those comfortable with longer hikes and looking to experience Kilimanjaro from a different perspective.

Can I have a private tent on a group climb?

On our open group Mount Kilimanjaro climbs, we prioritize comfort by using spacious North Face tents designed for three people. However, for a better experience, we allocate only two hikers per tent. If you are traveling solo and don’t have a travel companion on one of our join trips, we will pair you with another same-sex adventurer to share the tent. This arrangement allows for a more comfortable and spacious tent experience during the trek.

The same principle applies to hotel accommodation. Our trip prices are based on a double occupancy. As a solo traveler, we will pair you with another same-sex traveler for hotel stays. If you are traveling with a partner, you'll get a twin or a double room.

For those who prefer a private sleeping tent and a private hotel room during the expedition, we offer the flexibility to accommodate these preferences. Simply contact your manager to request these adjustments for your Kilimanjaro climb. Please be aware that additional private tent and room charges will apply. This is because bringing an extra tent to the mountain requires more crew members to carry it and additional supplies and wages for those extra crew members.

Do I have higher summit success chances on a private climbing Kilimanjaro tour?

Our data analysis from over 4000 hikers reveals that summit success rates are not influenced by whether one participates in private or group Mount Kilimanjaro climbs. Our guides provide equal attention and care to participants of both types of adventures, adhering to the same high standards of safety and comfort.

A moderate trekking pace is crucial for effective acclimatization and varies from person to person. Being part of a group trek does not mean you have to stick rigidly to the pace of the main group. If your pace is slightly faster or slower, one of our guides will accompany you separately, ensuring your trek suits your pace.

During the critical summit phase, our guide team is bolstered by special summit porters. This ensures that each trekker has a skilled mountain professional at their side, offering support and assistance as needed.

Medical check-ups on our trips

Moreover, both private and group climb participants undergo daily medical check-ups. These are mandatory and help our guides monitor the progress of each climber's acclimatization. The check-ups follow identical protocols for both types of climbs. In cases where acclimatization is not progressing as expected, our guides are equipped to administer bottled oxygen, and adjust the trekking pace accordingly.

To ensure the safety of all our trekkers on Kilimanjaro, Altezza Travel is equipped with more oxygen systems than all other operators combined. Additionally, each expedition carries a fully stocked medical kit prepared to address various health issues common in high-altitude environments. This comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to the safety and well-being of every climber, regardless of the type of climb they choose.

Will I get a refund if I finish my Kilimanjaro climb sooner?

Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro earlier than scheduled is not feasible in the context of group treks. These treks are designed for the group to travel together, sharing essential facilities like the mountain kitchen. It's impractical for an individual to separate from the main group and complete the trek several days ahead of others.

Even if separating earlier were possible, providing a refund would not be possible. This is because tour operators pay the park fees, including conservation, camping, and rescue fees to the national park well in advance on behalf of each participant. These fees are non-refundable. Additionally, all supplies for the expedition are purchased ahead of time, and our policies ensure that guides receive their full salaries, even if the expedition concludes earlier than planned.

The same applies to climbers who need to terminate their climb early due to poor acclimatization or other health concerns.

How large is the support team on a Kilimanjaro climb?

For every trekker, there are typically 2-3 members of the support crew. This ensures that each participant receives the attention and support they need for a successful experience on Mount Kilimanjaro. The backbone of this team is a lead guide, who oversees the entire climb and manages the crew and his assistant guides.

An assistant guide plays a crucial role, accompanying trekkers on their hike, sharing insights about Kilimanjaro, and providing help whenever it's needed. The combination of guides and porters is vital for any Kilimanjaro adventure. They not only take you to Uhuru Peak but also enrich this amazing adventure by sharing stories and information about Tanzanian history, wildlife, legends, and culture.

Professional guides are invaluable to any operator. At Altezza Travel, we prioritize their well-being by offering competitive salaries and making substantial investments in their ongoing professional education.

I don’t have proper mountain gear. Can I participate in a join group hike?

Absolutely! You can participate in a group climb even if you don't have your own mountain gear. We recognize that many who choose to climb Kilimanjaro are beginners without specialized hiking equipment. To help with this, Altezza Travel established a comprehensive gear rental shop specifically for our climbers. Here, you can find everything needed for a successful summit adventure, from sleeping bag rental to proper boots and warm jackets.

Our shop is the largest in the Kilimanjaro region and offers a wide range of gear sizes to accommodate all climbers. We regularly restock with new items, ensuring our equipment is up-to-date and high-quality. Our suppliers are all based in the USA, and we source our gear from reputable brands like Red Fox, Columbia, and Black Diamond, known for their reliability and durability in mountain environments. Trekking poles rental is also available. You can take a look at our detailed Kilimanjaro packing list.

When it comes to our rental gear, you don't need to worry about hygiene and cleanliness. After each expedition, all gear is thoroughly cleaned and dried in our dedicated laundry service. This ensures that every piece of equipment you rent is clean and in excellent condition, allowing you to have a great time on our Kilimanjaro trip and summit successfully!

Altezza Travel Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor Altezza Travel Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor
/ Jul 2024
Five star experience!
The team led by Stanford (head guide), Agrey, Joseph, Michael, Lihiru and Honest were the reason for our amazing experience. Their professionalism and genuine dedication to making sure each of us were comfortable as well as the attentiveness to safety, all always done with a smile, are just some examples of this great team! Special thanks to Michael, Lihiru and Honest (all of whom I interacted more due to my hiking pace) for their patience and fellowship, you guys made the hike so much more fun and enjoyable and really appreciate it! Will definitely take back lots of good and happy memories :)
Read Review
Island H
Island H
/ Jul 2024
Amazing Altezza
Wow wow wow! Altezza got a group of 7 of us up to the summit and back safely. They set up camp and portable toilets for us, the food was delicious, the crew catered to our every need. Two medical checkups every day. The campsites are very high quality - tents, sleeping bags, toilets, dining tent - all top notch. Our lead guide Joshua was perfect - very knowledgeable and a very good communicator. We enjoyed Joshua’s daily briefings and he was an excellent leader. The crew was incredible - they sang Swahili songs to lift our spirits and get us to the top. They were very attentive on the trail and lent a helping hand for large or awkward steps, and even offered their arms on the descent. They happily carried some of our packs. The camp manager, BillDad, ran the campground and was invaluable at camp, making sure we were clean and comfortable. Frankie, the food server, kept us well fed and entertained us with his singing. Daily on the trail, we would find Frankie waiting for us with a station set up for tea and snacks. All the guides were very approachable and we had good conversations. Our son loved sharing his music with Ernest (portable toilet porter), Goodluck (guide) and Regan (guide in training). Overall a fantastic experience - we could not recommend them more!
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