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Terms of cooperation with travel bloggers and influencers.

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About Altezza About Altezza

Altezza Travel is the premier Tanzanian tour operator ranked #1 on TripAdvisor. We organize memorable Kilimanjaro expeditions, African safari, and tours around the beautiful country we call home – Tanzania.

Altezza is happy to cooperate with travel bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTube creators. If you have a large and active audience relevant to what we do, we are ready to organize a trip to Tanzania for you at a good discount or even for free!

If you think your content and audience align well with Altezza Travel’s vision of creating amazing adventures for international travelers including stunning safaris in Tanzania and unforgettable Kilimanjaro expeditions, then please reach out to us at We would appreciate detailed information about yourself and would love to discuss your opportunity to travel with Altezza in exchange for promoting our company on your blog or social media platforms.

Jackson Groove with Altezza Travel
Jackson Groove with Altezza Travel

Free participation in our expeditions

Yes, we will consider offering free participation in our expeditions to the right individuals! We are looking for one of the following:

Do you have at least 200K subscribers on your YouTube channel?


Do you have a minimum of 500K followers on Instagram?


Are you a travel blogger with a strong readership and posts that rank high in search engine results?

If so, let’s talk about how we can work together to make a fantastic adventure with Altezza Travel possible for you.

Please note, relevant topics for us are: travel, outdoor activities, and mountain tourism. Unfortunately, we are not yet ready to offer free participation to those who are popular bloggers, influencers, or other social media content creators specializing in topics that are outside of our focus.

Why do you need to have so many followers?

We understand that the required number of subscribers to participate in free Altezza Travel expeditions may seem very high. Tour operators in other locations may have lower minimum requirements. However, organizing tours on Kilimanjaro or in Tanzania’s national parks often comes with significantly higher costs compared to trips in places like Bali, Turkey, or Sri Lanka.

If Altezza Travel offers an invitation to come to Tanzania for a wildlife safari or a Kilimanjaro climb, we will bear the following expenses:

  • National park fees ($100-$500 per day for safari; $1000-$1200 for climbing Kilimanjaro);
  • Accommodation in hotels and lodges (on average $200 per night including meals);
  • Salaries of our safari guides, mountain guides, porters and mountain teams. A team of about ten people is typically necessary to organize a trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro for one person;
  • Obtaining filming permits (from $2000 per permit).On average, organizing a trip for one person costs between $5000 and $7000. If the program includes accommodation in premium hotels, flights between parks instead of driving, or other activities, such as hot air balloon excursions, the cost could easily exceed $10,000.

We are ready to make such investments, but we want to make sure that in return a sufficient number of potential customers will discover our company. This is why we are very particular about the niche of your YT channel, blog, or other media content, as well as about your target audience.

What do we expect from cooperation?

We look forward to working with content creators who will do the following:

  • Clearly refer to our company in posts, videos, photo captions, descriptions, and tags. We request backlinks, pingbacks, and other forms of linking directly to our website.
  • Provide high-quality photo and video materials.

Agree to avoid cooperation with other travel companies during your trip to Tanzania and not mention them in your materials. Altezza Travel will organize a trip for you from A to Z.

We will be happy to discuss the number of mentions in posts, tags, photo and video materials individually, depending on the type of content published. with Altezza Travel with Altezza Travel

Of course, we expect that you will only refer to our company and avoid showing videos, photos or mentioning other tour operators who you may meet or see during your time on safari or while climbing Kilimanjaro.

What if I have a large TikTok account?

TikTok and other platforms (besides YouTube, Instagram, and blog websites) are not of interest to us at the moment. Please understand: given the cost of traveling to Tanzania, TikTok users don’t typically fall into our target audience.

I don't have that many followers, but I really want a free trip. Are there any other options?

There are! Are you a talented photographer or videographer? We are ready to pay for your trip in exchange for high-quality videography or photography. When applying, be prepared to share your portfolio for our review.

Travel bloggers Jackson Groove и at Londorossi Gate
Travel bloggers Jackson Groove и at Londorossi Gate

Discount for participation in our expeditions

If you haven’t gained a large audience on your social media accounts yet, we may consider offering you an excellent discount for participating in Altezza Travel expeditions. Remember, your audience should be interested in outdoor adventures, mountain trekking, or international travel. If you have a blog or a channel with a fewer number of subscribers than was specified above, but they are in our ‘niche’, reach out to us!
Feel free to contact us via Please provide detailed information about your work, audience, etc., and we’ll be happy to discuss potential partnerships!

Published on 30 November 2023 Revised on 28 February 2024
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Anatolii, a manager at Altezza Travel, has been with our company from the start. Since 2014, he also called Tanzania home. In his role, he takes part in organizing high-profile projects, such as the Wings of Kilimanjaro and Nimsdai Kilimanjaro climbs, among others. Anatolii has climbed Kilimanjaro numerous times and explored various regions of Tanzania. In our blog, he covers the news of our company and other related topics. As a passionate reader and explorer, he occasionally writes articles on Tanzanian history, geography, and culture.

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