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Your trusted partner in Tanzania

Half of those exploring Tanzania with Altezza Travel booked their vacation with one of our partners. We are always open for new opportunities. If you are a travel professional looking for a reliable partner in Tanzania, then look no further.

Our travel products are:

Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions

We run traditional Kilimanjaro climbs through all routes, premium adventures and trips for clients with special needs. Custom private trips and regular group departures are available. We are proud to lead over 10% of all Kilimanjaro expeditions. Some key features of our Kilimanjaro treks include:

All of our Kilimanjaro guides are certified Wilderness First Responders with a proven record of successful expeditions. Every year we organize professional development workshops for our teams where we invite renown international mountain guides to share their knowledge with our crews.

Safety is above everything in our trips. All our groups are supplied with sufficient bottled oxygen, we have rigorous evacuation protocols and our ground team is well-trained in helicopter rescue management. Our company even has its own helipad right at our climbing base.

While on Kilimanjaro, guides perform two daily medical check-ups on all trip participants to ensure their health and safety. Their first aid kits include everything needed for this - tonometers, stethoscopes, oximeters and all necessary medication for common disorders on the mountains. Every precaution is taken to make sure that your client’s Kilimanjaro adventure is safe.

We use high-quality, brand name equipment only. All our equipment is from the North Face, Black Diamond, Red Fox, Mountain Hardwear, Marmot and other known brands. Your travellers will be equipped in the best way possible.

Chef-designed meals on Kilimanjaro. Our mountain chefs will surprise you with delicious food and drinks that we serve on all our expeditions. We also offer vegetarian, halal and gluten-free meal plans.

These features are the reason why our company is chosen to lead a tenth of all adventures on Kilimanjaro.

Wildlife safaris

We operate in the national parks of Northern and Western Tanzania. Our signature safaris include:

Comfortable new Land-Cruisers. We have one of the newest safari fleets (all cars produced in 2016-2023) on the road. Each vehicle is equipped with comfortable seats, reliable Wi-Fi and a fridge with unlimited soft drinks.

Skilled safari guides. All our safari guides are well trained in tracking and spotting game. With our guides, you are sure to spot the Big Five.They also speak fluent English and will entertain your clients with hundreds of stories about Tanzania, its wildlife, and culture.

Carefully selected hotels and lodges. We work only with reliable hotels and lodges, all of which are located in the most beautiful areas of the national parks, and that we personally visit annually to further ensure quality hospitality. The staff there is thoroughly trained and knows how to make your client’s Tanzania journey a truly lifetime experience.

Beach vacations

Though our main focus is on organizing wildlife adventures on the mainland, we also organize beach vacations to Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba. There are many exciting activities available: such as diving, snorkeling with sharks, spice plantation visits and other island and marine fun.

Some reasons to work with us

Apart from well-trained guides, professional-level equipment, a large fleet of vehicles and great team, working with us have the following advantages:

We are a tour operator, not a travel agency. When booking with us you book directly with a service provider. We have our own vehicles, Kilimanjaro equipment, and hotels. Further, all guides are our full-time employees. Due to these features, we are able to control every aspect of our adventures.

A climbing base on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. We are the only company in Tanzania to have our own base right on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Here we have a good hotel (just 10-min drive from the Kilimanjaro National Park entry gate), an equipment gear rental shop, helipad and all other things for a safe and enjoyable mountain adventure.

Hotels in Kilimanjaro. Altezza Travel runs two hotels in Kilimanjaro to make sure that every moment of your guests’ Tanzania adventure is a pleasure. Everything is taken care of by our team, who offer the best Kilimanjaro adventure preparations of your clients.

Personal dedicated manager. You will have a personal point of contact, who will guide you through the adventure planning process and answer all your questions.

A fully licensed and certified company. Altezza Travel has all permits and licenses for tourism in Tanzania. We are a certified tourism investor in the Tanzania Investment Center.

Local presence. Our only office is in Tanzania, right on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. It helps us to control each and every expedition personally, making sure that everything goes as planned.

We contributed to the following projects

Wings of Kilimanjaro 2019 - In September 2019 our guides led the team of international paragliders to the peak of Kilimanjaro for one of the largest mass paragliding acts in Africa.

BASE-jumping on Kilimanjaro - we are the only company to have organized the first (and so far - the only) wingsuit BASE-jump to have been performed from the slopes of Kilimanjaro. The act was performed by Valery Rozov from the Red Bull team.

Paragliding on Kilimanjaro Altezza Travel regularly organizes paragliding events on Kilimanjaro. Thomas Laemmle and Sergey Shakuto glide with us.

Guiness World Record climb Angela Vorobeva, (holder of the Guinness World Record for being the oldest woman to reach the peak of Kilimanjaro at the age of 86) planned and organized her adventure with us. So far, she remains to be the only octogenarian to reach the summit of KIlimanjaro without bottled oxygen at all. Angela chose the most picturesque route Lemosho for her adventure.

Highest slack-lining act in the world was performed by Stefan Siegrist on Kilimanjaro in 2016. Our team contributed to the project to secure all required permits and organize the expedition.

Regular celebrity climbs - We organized Kilimanjaro adventures for Eugene Kaspersky (CEO of Kaspersky Labs), Sergey Ryazansky (Russian astronaut), Fedor Konyukhov (international explorer), among others...

Sky-running climbs on Kilimanjaro. Our company often organizes sky-running climbs through different routes for athletes from all over the world.

Snow clean-up on Kilimanjaro. In 2017, abnormal snowfalls put some of the April climbs on Kilimanjaro at risk - the path to the summit was blocked by snow, and no one could access the top for more than a month. It is our team alone which reached the top and cleaned the way so that the climbers could continue scaling the mountain. Kilimanjaro National Park authority recognized our efforts.

They work with us

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National geographic
Red Bull
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Record breaking mountaineer
Eugene Kaspersky
Eugene Kaspersky
CEO of Kaspersky Lab.
Sergey Ryazansky
Sergey Ryazansky
Russian cosmonaut
Stephan Siegrist
Stephan Siegrist
Professional Mountaineer and Basejumper
Thomas Senf
Thomas Senf
Red Bull photographer
Thomas Huber
Thomas Huber
Professional mountaineer