Are you selling Kilimanjaro tours and Tanzania
wildlife safaris?
We want to be your supplier. Altezza Travel will scale up your sales by providing great travel experiences to your customers and professional support to your team.
Partnership with Altezza Travel in a nutshell
The right prices
Altezza Travel is a tour operator that actually runs the tours. Our prices are free from agency fees and other commissions of the middlemen.
Altezza Travel is the largest tour operator in Kilimanjaro with 200-men strong well-trained ground team and detailed operation protocols.
Apart from the licenses given by the Tanzania Ministry of the Natural Resources and Tourism, Altezza Travel is also certified by the Tanzania Investment Center The Tanzania Investment Certificate (TIC) is issued to companies that invest more than $500,000 in facilities and operations in Tanzania. Altezza Travel crossed this threshold in 2015.
Professional Team
All our managers are either living in Tanzania, or visit the country on a regular basis. Everyone in the team has strong knowledge of the national parks, Mt Kilimanjaro and other attractions.
Content support
To support your sales, we are ready to provide you with hundreds of quality pictures from our Mt Kilimanjaro expeditions and wildlife safaris.
We answer our partners' questions in 4 hours or less.
We do our best to answer our partners' questions in 4 hours or less. We answer in 4 hours Our consultant team is distributed globally, and covers all major time zones. It makes no difference if you are based in the UK or on the other side of the pond. Our consultants are available through e-mail, WhatsApp, Google Meet, and other communication channels
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Why book Kilimanjaro climbs for your clients
with Altezza?
As of 2022, Altezza Travel is the largest company on Kilimanjaro and ranked No. 1 on TripAdvisor.
Watch this short video to learn what our expeditions are all about

Our trips are truly comfortable

Our expedition planning team always goes an extra mile to deliver the ultimate Kilimanjaro experience.
Quality Tents
For our standard expeditions, we only use four-season tents from The North Face and Mountain Hardwear.
Our premium trips feature our custom-ordered walkable Altezza Kilimanjaro tents with camp cots.
Well-trained guides
Kilimanjaro is not just a hike - it is also a social and cultural experience. Our guides are excellent companions to spend seven days with. While having outstanding guiding skills, they are also well-mannered, unobtrusive and great story-tellers.
Branded gear store
Altezza Travel has the largest (and the only) gear store in Kilimanjaro where clients may hire top-tier branded gear for the climb. We regularly change our inventory to make sure that all the gear and clothing are in excellent condition. We order from the North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Black Diamond, and Red Fox.
Extended meal plans
We hired a professional nutritionist from France to design our delicious and energy-rich meal plans. Using only fresh local ingredients, our mountain chefs offer a range of classic, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menus for clients to choose from.
We take safety seriously
At Altezza Travel we are particularly concerned about safety of our Kilimanjaro expeditions. We are proud to have never had a serious incident on the Mount Kilimanjaro since day one of our work. The linchpin of our safety policy are:
Medical Check-ups twice per day
The guiding crew performs two medical check-ups for the clients and the crew members every day. This is done to make sure that the acclimatization process goes as planned, and, if necessary - to adjust the climb plan accordingly.
Detailed health records
Before the start of each trip a client completes a digital medical form to assess general physical condition. During the medical check-ups on the adventure all medical information is Why do we do health information? If, in a very unlikely scenario, a hospitalization becomes necessary, our records will arm the doctors with right information to plan the treatment in a most effective manner. We are one of the few Kilimanjaro companies to follow this protocol. and kept with utmost confidentiality.
Oxygen cylinders and oximeters
Though seldom used on our climbs, all our guides carry oxygen tanks and oximeters to ease the acclimatization transition of the clients when needed and relieve altitude sickness High-altitude sickness is when you feel sick or dizzy when you go to high places, like a mountain or a high-altitude city. This happens because there is less oxygen in the air at high altitudes, which can make it hard for your body to work properly. Symptoms can include headaches, feeling tired or weak, trouble breathing, and feeling sick to your stomach. You may read more about high-altitude sickness in our article here. attacks in case of evacuation.
GPS-tracking service
All our expeditions are equipped with GPS trackers so that we can follow the progress of our groups and know where exactly the climbers are. Your clients may share the link with their family and friends.
WFR-certified Guides
The lead guides at our company are highly qualified, with Wilderness First Responder certification and over 7 of experience. They have deep knowledge of proper emergency responses and well-honed wilderness medicine skills.
Well-stocked medical kits
Our mountain medical kits contain everything that might be needed on a Kilimanjaro expedition. A trained paramedic is making sure that the medication in the kits is up-to-date and regularly refilled.
Trusted by Nims!
Trusted by Nims!
Altezza Travel hosted a private expedition of the most outstanding mountaineer of the XXI century Nirmal Purja MBE.
Also, Nims chose our company among all other Tanzania tour operators to lead his clients on the highest mountain of Africa  Read more
Make a Story - Tanzania itinerary planning software
Altezza Travel designed a special software for planning Tanzania adventure tours. It takes a click of a mouse to send it to the clients. Emails and pdf programs are the thing of the past. You may see how the program looks via this link.
The software is brandable - we can upload your logos, phone numbers, and other information.
See a sample Itinerary
Why book safaris for your clients with us?
Our safaris follow well-planned itineraries through iconic national parks and award-winning lodges, receiving consistently positive reviews.
Check out this video to feel the vibe of our safari trips

The following make our safari experience outstanding

Together with many things happening under the hood
New Safari Cars
Altezza Travel uses only new Land Cruisers (made in 2016 -2022) for our safari adventures. Each one is equipped with a fridge for refreshment drinks, Wi-Fi and power sockets. Convertible pop-up roof opens a panoramic 360 view and protects from the elements.
Knowledgeable Guides
Our safari guides have excellent knowledge of the Tanzania conservation areas. This is exactly the reason why from time to time they are leading the NatGeo birdwatching groups.
We Partner with The Best Lodges
The Altezza Travel core team is always at our base Aishi Machame Hotel, right at the foothills of Kilimanjaro. All Tanzania-based managers have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and can provide accurate and up-to-date information.
Partnership With Altezza Means Impactful Social Responsibility
Serengeti De-Snaring Project
Our company is proud to be among the first and most generous backers of the Serengeti De-snaring Project. Led by Frankfurt Zoological Society, this project focuses on cleaning Serengeti National Park from snares and traps that kill thousands of animals every year Read more
KPAP Certified
Altezza Travel is certified by the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP). It means that the working conditions we created for our porters and guides have undergone independent evaluation and were judged fair. Our company takes pride in paying the highest wages in the industry to our mountain crews.
Equal Opportunity employer
At Altezza Travel, we believe in equal opportunities for all. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone is treated with respect and has equal access to benefits and promotions. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and areas in Tanzania and are proud that most of our administrative staff members are women.
Reforestation on Kilimanjaro & Chemka
Altezza Travel regularly participates in reforestation projects in the foothills of Kilimanjaro and Chemka (Rundugai) area in Tanzania. To date, we have planted over 1500 trees there. This helps to mitigate the impact of humans and helps to make the ecosystem stronger Read more
Fighting Bushfires on Kilimanjaro
Altezza Travel has always been one of the first trek operators to respond to distress calls during the unprecedented wildfires on Kilimanjaro in 2020 and 2022. Each time, we sent many guides and porters as the largest emergency force to lead the rescue effort and protect Kilimanjaro Read more
Cleaning Kilimanjaro
We regularly dispatch our mountain teams to clean the slopes of Kilimanjaro from the garbage left by irresponsible trekkers. This is a team effort organized by the Leave No Trace organization and the KPAP, and we are proud to be the part of it. Altezza Travel has always sent the largest crews (over 50 people) to join the effort Read more
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