&Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Royal luxury on the rim of the crater
2 rooms
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&Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Stay in the hotel by the crater that collapsed nearly three million years ago, forming a caldera that became a habitat for lions, elephants, pink flamingos and most importantly, black rhinos. Each cottage in Ngorongoro Crater Lodge provides a magnificent panoramic view of the entire crater. What can be more special than waking up to the mesmerizing vastness of this green valley at an altitude of 7000 feet?

Every suite in Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is a separately standing cottage with a private panoramic terrace and a dining area where you can order your meals to be served. Get ready for chill mornings and evenings typical for this elevation. But don’t worry, your own fireplace will keep you warm and create a romantic ambience.

The entire lodge was built with local materials only. Luxurious colonial interior of the cottages is accentuated with a rich blend of gold, silver and ruby. When dining in the main house filled with Victorian furnishings, you can easily lose track of which era you are in.
&Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge 5*
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Airport: Lake Manyara airstrip, 54 km, 1 hour 20 mins
Location: Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania
The park: Yes
Best time to visit: All year round
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Activities &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Cultural visit to Hadzabe bushmen
Cultural visit to Hadzabe bushmen
Hadzabe Bushmen are an ancient tribe that occupies Lake Eyasi territories and lives in the wild. With help of the &Beyond guide, they will introduce you to their customs and traditions, display their hunting and survival skills and show you their ways of fruit and berry picking. At the same time, you will get a chance to explore the stunning alkaline Lake Eyasi, which is part of The Great Rift Valley.
Full day Empakaai Crater hike
Full day Empakaai Crater hike
Empakaai crater is a little crater not far from Ngorongoro. Here you’ll get an excellent opportunity to have some rest from all the jeep rides and finally take a full hiking day to explore the wilderness. Empakaai Crater is surrounded with a thick green forest and has a lake inside. From this spot you can see a famous active volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai when the weather is clear.
Tour of Olduvai Gorge and Shifting Sands
Tour of Olduvai Gorge and Shifting Sands
Olduvai Gorge is the world-famous paleoanthropological site where one of the first remains of homo sapiens were found. This little museum is also known as the Cradle of Mankind. If you are interested in archaeological historical places, you will be definitely fascinated by this one! The excursion continues with the Shifting Dune. A small constantly moving ash dune formed by volcanic dust rarely stops at the same place thanks to the unidirectional wind.

Photos &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Accommodation options at &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Standard Suite
A separately standing double cottage in rich Victorian style with a fireplace and a private sitting and dining area facing magnificent views of Ngorongoro crater. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Bed type
king-sized double bed
Ngorongoro crater
All inclusive
Cost per night
Price for two guests
Family Suite
An all-inclusive family suite can become home away from home for a group of four people. Imagine waking up to a panoramic view of Ngorongoro crater in a rich, spacious room surrounded by the wild nature of Tanzania. A private butler can organise dinner on your terrace.
Bed type
a king-sized double bed, a sofa and a twin bed
Ngorongoro crater
All inclusive
Cost per night
Price for the suite
Depending on the travel season, the price may vary. You may always contact us to know the final price for your chosen travel dates.


Room Types:
  • 26 standard suites
  • 1 family suite
  • WiFi available
  • in-room massage
  • signature shop
  • wine store
  • three meals daily
  • soft drinks
  • house wines
  • Linens
  • fresh towels
  • shower gel and shampoo
  • game drives
  • brand local spirits and drinks
  • emergency evacuation insurance
  • teas, coffees and refreshments
  • complimentary Swarovski binoculars for the time of your stay

&Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge - Rating

Travellers Reviews

...one of the best/...один из лучших
I want to write this review in two languages so that both English and Russian can read it. Я хочу написать этот отзыв на двух языках, чтобы его могла прочесть и англоговорящая и русскоговорящая.The hotel left the most favorable impression. Cozy bungalows decorated to the colonial African style, friendly staff. I especially want to note the manager of the Jokhim hotel and our guide Noel. Cozy restaurants with very tasty and high-quality food and original serving. Noel conducted a very interesti...
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Лучше пока не видел)))!
Игорь Т
Это была поездка для восхождения на Килиманджаро, замечу мы зашли) После наша группа поехала в данный отель и все получили невероятный кайф. Понравилось все - сами бунгало в стиле хижин масаи, живые цветы в номерах и сладкие комплименты. Добила меня ванна с лепестками роз, которую для меня наполнил дворецкий к возвращению с сафари в одноименном кратере. А штабное место, в котором нам подавали ужин и завтрак вообще как будто не из нашей реальности. Камин, выбор напитков и вид на 1000000$ до сих п...
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Сердце Африки
Был одну ночь, очень понравилось. Отель на склоне кратера, в окружении диких животных. Очень красиво. Интересный стиль отделки номеров, безупречный сервис, прекрасная зона для ужина и вечернего аперитива. Искренне рекомендую
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strange feeling
Oleg P
Ngorongoro Crater Lodge расположен на кромке кратера вулкана Нгоронгоро.Наша компания приехала сюда в августе на три ночи в прекрасные бунгало,которые напоминают хижины туземцев-масаев - каменные стены, крыши из пальмовых листьев.В лодже всего 30 номеров класса люкс,которые просто завораживают.Первое впечатление было-Вау! Как шикарно! Стильная душевая,камин в номере,собственный батлер и неплохой ланч.Рассказы про королеву Англии и знаменитостей,живших здесь за 3000 долларов за ночь,как мы.К вече...
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для любителей экзотики и спокойного отдыха
Мы с женой совершали сафари-тур по Танзании и две ночи провели в этом отеле. Уровень сервиса и внимание обслуживающего персонала на самом высоком уровне. Оказалось на тот момент всего две пары: мы с женой и семейная пара из Японии. Они также остановились для сафари с кратере. Отель расположен на склоне кратера и все коттеджи направлены на кратер. Вид впечатляющий. Особенно поразило объявление администрации отеля о том, что она не отвечает за безопасность гостей за пределами коттеджа. И это мы по...
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&Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge on the map

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is located on the rim of Ngorongoro Conservation area. Ngorongoro crater has one of the largest concentrations of wild animals per square kilometre in Africa, and the list of species inhabiting this area is endless. Everywhere on the territory of the hotel you’ll be able to enjoy unmatched panoramic views. It’s easy to get here by car from Arusha (the starting point of all safaris). Alternatively, you can take a flight to Lake Manyara airport from where you’ll be picked up by a driver. The drive will take only 1,5 hours.

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