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Where is Altezza Travel located?

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Altezza Travel Location

The main office of Altezza Travel, as well as the base for mountain expeditions are both located in one of the most scenic places in all of East Africa - right at the entrance to Kilimanjaro National Park and the very base of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Located in the city of Arusha, under the shadow of Mount Meru (Tanzania’s second-highest peak) is a small, satellite office where some of our safaris depart from.

Why Kilimanjaro and Arusha? 

When we first entered the tourism sector, it immediately became clear that we should be based in Kilimanjaro.

The top reasons include: 

✓  Near to Kilimanjaro National Park. Machame Gate, the starting point for climbing one of the most popular routes, is located only ten minutes away from our base. This means that our teams don't have lengthy drives before getting started on their trek. Similarly, after the long descent, there is only a short drive from the park gate to our Aishi Machame Hotel, where you can enjoy that much-longed for shower and a comfortable bed.

✓ The proximity of Kilimanjaro International Airport is very convenient for our clients. It takes a mere 40 minutes to drive from our mountain base to the international airport. This makes it very convenient for late-night arrival flights, guests have only a short drive before arriving to comfortable accomodations at Aishi Machame Hotel. If guests experience the unfortunate event of baggage being delayed by the airline, the close proximity to the airport makes it speedier for them to have their much-needed luggage, as well.

✓  There are eco-farms in Kilimanjaro. The rich volcanic soil is ideal for agriculture, and we are proud to support local farmers who focus on eco-friendly approaches. We exclusively use local produce and fresh ingredients for  our mountain expeditions. 

✓  Safari parks are also nearby. Two excellent parts - Tarangire Park and Lake Manyara - are near Kilimanjaro. Guests can take a day drive to either of these parks, or easily include them in a safari circuit tour.

✓  It's very beautiful here! Kilimanjaro is incredibly lush and green, the highlands experiencing a significant amount of rainfall every year and parts of the base of  Kilimanjaro are encompassed in tropical rainforests. Wildlife is uninhibited here, and guests are sure to spot unique birdlife and monkeys, and probably even some dik diks or other animals freely roaming around. Travelers from all around the world come here and remark on the exquisite beauty of the Kilimanjaro Area.

Distance from Altezza Travel office to the key  tourist sites:

● to the city of Arusha - 75 km | 1,5 hour 

● to the city of Moshi - 19 km | 20-30 minutes

● to Kilimanjaro International Airport - 35 km | 45 minutes - 1 hour

● to the airport of Arusha - 81 km | 2 - 2.5 hours

● to the airport of Moshi - 11 km | 30-40 minutes

What is at Aishi Machame base? 

Located at our base Aishi Machame are the following:

✓  Office of Altezza Travel. Most of our employees work from here. In total, the office employs about thirty people; consultants, accountants, managers for hotel reservations, purchasing and organizing expeditions, warehouse workers and mountain expedition crew members. 

Some Altezza Travel consultants work remotely, but several times a year they all come to Tanzania to refresh their knowledge of parks and other attractions. It is important to us that all our managers receive constant practical experience in organizing travel, and our consultations are the most competent.

✓  Hotel Aishi Machame. Most of our clients who come to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro stay at this beautiful hotel. Aishi Machame has everything you need for a comfortable stay after a long flight - cozy rooms, hot water, a swimming pool, and a restaurant with delicious choices. We will answer all questions, check your personal equipment and see if you need any other essentials for your climb.Finally, it is here that you will meet your mountain guides and start off your incredible Mount Kilimanjaro climb. 

Since the hotel is located near Kilimanjaro National Park, you’re sure to have visits from wildlife, even while just having breakfast! Monkeys, mongooses, civets and bush babies often come here, and guests often watch them from the restaurant's terrace.

Premium travelers stay at Northern Tanzania's only 5-star Legendary Lodge and Arusha Coffee Lodge in Arusha, a 40-minute drive from Kilimanjaro Airport. Our consultants go there to check the equipment and answer questions.

✓ Our equipment warehouse. We understand that for many travelers, climbing Kilimanjaro is the first serious mountain experience and they may not have suitable equipment. For such cases, we have a large warehouse stocked with the world's leading brands - Red Fox, The North Face, Black Diamond and La Sportiva available for our guests to rent. In this way, we ensure they are full-prepared for climbing Kilimanjaro. All this is located right on the territory of Aishi Machame.

✓ Vehicle fleet - our Toyota Land Cruiser safari jeeps and Toyota Alphard airport vehicles are located on site. If you want to go to the city of Moshi, our drivers are always at your service.

All vehicles are regularly inspected and serviced. This is a very important point that we do not trust to third-party organizations - Altezza Travel employs its own mechanics who closely monitor the safety and maintenance of our cars.

Altezza Travel is located in Moshi, the heart of Kilimanjaro and the most convenient base for climbing expeditions to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Legal address of Altezza Travel: 
United Republic of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro Region Nshara, Aishi Road, Plot 173A | P.O Box 938

Published on 16 May 2023 Revised on 22 March 2024
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