Treasures of Africa Children’s home

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7 October 2019

Treasures of Africa Children’s home

Treasures of Africa Children’s home located in Moshi, at the foot of Kilimanjaro, is a shelter for abandoned children and orphans, which has been providing them with love and care for more than ten years now.

Here children feel loved; in Treasures of Africa children are surrounded with care, provided with proper education, clothing and a safe home with delicious food made with love.

After finishing their education in the children’s home and reaching a certain age, children head to universities and colleges.
Despite their stories of loss and hardship the children are very cheerful, kind and always happy to meet new people and welcome guests. Their eyes sparkle with sincerity.

Treasures of Africa children’s home was established by an American non-commercial organization and is financed exclusively by means of donations from tourists who come here from all over the world.
It is managed by an American couple, who do their utmost to provide best care for all the wards of the children’s home.

Altezza Travel encourages its honored travellers to show initiative and visit the children’s home during their stay in Tanzania. The children will be happy to have new pencils, albums, felt pens and most importantly, attention from you.

Treasures of Africa have made a list of items, which the children need at all times:

  • Diapers (medium and large size);
  • Wet wipes for newborns;
  • School supplies: pencils, pens, rulers, rulers, pencil sharpeners;
  • School bags;
  • Footwear (sneakers, flats, sandals) - all sizes;
  • Clothing (shirts, socks, dresses, trousers, underwear) - all sizes;
  • Toys and table games

You could also personally deliver and distribute amongst the children such times as felt pens, albums for drawing, notebooks, colored pencils and other educational items.

Boys with soccer ball from Trasures of Africa
Treasures of Africa сhildren
Sincere eyes of the children from Treasures of Africa
Orphanage Director - Warren Oberst with the kids of Treasures of Africa
The kids from Treasures of Africa: Justice, Diamond, Zoe, Moses and Maria

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She has taken part in many adventures all over Tanzania, exploring the retreats of Serengeti, trails of Kilimanjaro and the underwater world of Mafia. She is always eager to discover new wonders of this country and share her experiences with our community.
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