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Tanzania - COVID entry requirements

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For almost two years Tanzania had strict COVID entry restrictions. All foreign travellers entering the country had to provide a valid PCR test, taken not less than 72 hours before landing in Tanzania. 

On March 17th 2022 the government of Tanzania announced that new, much more lax rules would be in place. These rules include the following: 

Each traveller should fill in a Traveller's Health Surveillance Form before entering the country

The form is available here. It is important to have it completed before arriving in Tanzania, because representatives of the airline company will be checking it prior to boarding. The form is easy to complete, but do not hesitate reaching out to us if you have any questions about it. 

Having a hard copy is not required - you may show a screenshot of a completed form from your smartphone. 

PCR or rapid antigen tests are no longer necessary for vaccinated travellers

All travellers, vaccinated against COVID with one of the WHO-recognized vaccines are exempt from getting a PCR or other tests. A vaccination certificate with a scannable QR code is now sufficient to enter the country. As we know, some of the hospitals do not provide vaccination certificates with QR codes yet. We are currently negotiating this point with the health authorities in Tanzania. Further updates will be announced in the coming days. 

It is, however, important to remember that only the WHO-approved vaccines are valid for entering Tanzania. You may check the updated list of them on the World Health Organisation website here.

Please bear in mind that only fully vaccinated travellers are exempt from testing, meaning that depending on the vaccine type one or two shots might be necessary. 

Not fully vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers have to present a RT-PCR or NAATs certificate 

Those who haven’t been vaccinated or have not received all the doses, have to present a valid RT-PCR or NAATs certificate, which should have a scannable QR code. Now the test should be performed maximum 72 hours prior to arriving in Tanzania. 

Unvaccinated travellers arriving to Tanzania without a valid PCR test will have an option to get tested upon arrival for USD 100. While the results are being processed, the travellers will have to self-isolate in one of the hotels in Tanzania. Normally it takes 2-3 days to receive the result. 

Travellers from certain countries need to make a rapid antigen test upon arrival 

Also, travellers from the following countries are required to perform a rapid antigen test upon arrival in Tanzania even if they are fully vaccinated: 

  • The United State of America 

  • India 

  • The Republic of South Africa 

  • Uganda 

  • Rwanda 

  • France 

  • Democratic Republic Of Congo 

  • Egypt 

  • Malawi 

  • The United Kingdom

To save time upon arrival, it is recommended to pay for the test online. A payment link will be provided in the health surveillance form that you will need to complete. 

If the rapid test comes out positive, a further RT-PCR test will have to be taken. While the PCR test is being processed, the traveller will have to self-isolate in one of the hotels. If the PCR test is positive, the traveller will be sent for treatment to one of the designated health facilities at his own cost. Recovery normally takes 7-10 days. 

With a positive covid test and no symptoms or mild symptoms, you would probably not want to get hospitalised. We’re ready to provide quarantine space in our property Aishi Machame Hotel at the cost price (30 usd per night). If a more critical condition develops, you can get medical treatment in a reliable medical facility - KCMC Hospital in Moshi.

Just like everywhere, hospitals in Tanzania have different departments with different types of wards - for example, it’s always possible to get a private one.

We never leave our customers in distress - be it a health issue or a travel issue. You can be certain that you won’t be abandoned with no medical help in a critical condition, we will have your back.

Children younger than five are exempt from testing 

In all cases children younger than five years do not have to be tested to be allowed entry to the country. 

Flights out of Tanzania may still require a PCR test 

Depending on the requirements of their final destination, visitors leaving Tanzania may need a PCR test. Please check a health advisory of the destination country and inform our managers if you need a PCR test. We will provide further guidance on how you can get tested while in Tanzania. 

Useful and accurate information about the arrival requirements for most of the countries is available here

As of March 2022, fully vaccinated travellers returning to the EU countries do not require a PCR test. For those returning to the USA a rapid antigen test will suffice - it can be taken at Kilimanjaro International Airport and costs USD 10. Contact our team for more information. 

Published on 3 November 2023 Revised on 31 March 2024
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