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Mount Kilimanjaro Honeymoon

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Conquering the summit of Africa together is one of the most unique ways to spend a honeymoon. Such a trip will be remembered for many years, and the emotions will not fade against the backdrop of subsequent travels to more familiar vacation destinations.

In this article, we will tell you how honeymoons on Kilimanjaro go. Would such a trip be suitable for your romantic vacation? Read on and find out!

How does the Kilimanjaro vacation go?

At Kilimanjaro airport, our driver will meet you and escort you to the hotel, where you will have dinner and rest after the flight. An Altezza Travel manager will conduct an individual safety briefing for you, check the equipment, and answer any questions.

The expedition will start the next day. Together with a team of guides and porters, you will take a ride to Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. It is one of the most beautiful places in Africa: nature and landscapes here remain as they were in the times of the continent's first explorers. You will witness stunningly picturesque African sunsets, breathe fresh mountain air, and listen to fascinating stories from the guides about Kilimanjaro's history, wildlife, flora, and life in Tanzania.

A successful ascent to the summit will be your shared victory. You will forever remember how you supported and encouraged each other on the way to the coveted goal, and how you enjoyed the culmination of the journey together. From the summit, you will have a unique fairy-tale view of the African savanna.

Is it possible to propose at the summit of Kilimanjaro?

Yes! And your partner will definitely appreciate your unusual approach. Every month, someone from Altezza Travel's clients proposes to their other half at the Uhuru Peak. The Roof of Africa is just the place for a truly unforgettable proposal!

Our team will ensure that this important moment goes safely and with all traditions observed. Guides will provide a safe ascent to the summit and bring non-alcoholic champagne and glasses so you can celebrate this exciting and happy event right at the highest point of Africa.

Please inform your manager of your intentions in advance, and we will take care of everything else. We know that for your partner this will surely be a surprise. So, all preparation will go unnoticed.

Has anyone done it before?

Every year Altezza Travel organizes 70-80 honeymoons. One of the most pleasant moments of our work is to meet joyful young couples after the expedition. At such moments, we understand that we have chosen the best place for operating tours.

How long does the Kilimanjaro climb take?

The optimal duration of the expedition is 7-8 days. This time is enough to acclimatize and ascend to the summit at a comfortable, measured pace, without unnecessary health risks.

You will spend two more nights in the hotel: one upon arrival and the second after the end of the expedition. The whole trip will take you about 10 days. If after the ascent you decide to visit safari parks or go to Zanzibar - add another 3-4 days to this itinerary.

Shorter 1-2 day treks on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, for example to Mandara hut along the Marangu route, are also available for those who want to experience Kilimanjaro but do not have time for a full expedition to the summit.

In which hotels will we stay before and after the climb?

Most of Altezza Travel's expedition participants stay at our Aishi Machame Hotel. It is a 3* hotel with everything necessary for a comfortable stay: cozy rooms, caring staff, a good restaurant, Wi-Fi, and a swimming pool.

For a Tanzania honeymoon, you can consider accommodation options of higher categories.
Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge 

A cozy and romantic 4* lodge built on the territory of a former colonial plantation. In the middle of the hotel is a large lake. There, you can ride a boat together along the jungle thickets and see black-and-white colobus monkeys.

At Ngare Sero, they organize horse rides, during which you will explore the picturesque surroundings. In clear weather, you can see the peak of Tanzania's second-highest mountain - Meru volcano.

For an additional fee, Ngare Sero offers beautiful wedding photo sessions. A professional photographer will come at a convenient time for you and help choose romantic locations.

As of 2024, the surcharge for staying at Ngaresero Mountain Lodge is $240 per night.

Legendary Lodge 

One of the best 5* hotels in northern Tanzania. Cozy and comfortable rooms, delicious cuisine from experienced chefs, and large rooms with beautiful views of the coffee plantation. 

Also, Legendary Lodge offers tours where they explain how coffee is grown and processed in Tanzania. There's a swimming pool and spa center on-site, offering professional relaxing massages.

As of 2024, the surcharge for staying at Legendary Lodge is $1040 per night.

Is Kilimanjaro just about mountains? Honeymoon safari.

After the climb, you can go on a safari and get acquainted with the amazing wildlife of Africa. Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Ngorongoro Crater) and Serengeti National Park are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There, you can see the Big Five of Africa - lions, buffalo, elephants, leopards, and rhinos, the Great Migration of antelopes and zebras, giraffes, and other savannah inhabitants. Additionally, Northern Tanzania offers many more amazing wildlife parks and natural wonders, for example, Tarangire National Park, Chala Crater Lake, Materuni Waterfall, and a variety of sightseeing tours.

On your safari honeymoon, you will enjoy staying in cozy and stylish lodges, with luxury options available.

Zanzibar honeymoon

After the safari, you can go to Zanzibar or other islands and relax on the beach after the intense program on the mainland. The flight there takes just a couple of hours. Strolling through the streets of the historic Stone Town, and enjoying the luxurious lodges with stunning food and views will feel like the perfect continuation of your Kilimanjaro honeymoon.

Looking for a Zanzibar honeymoon only? We can organize that too! 

How much does a honeymoon on Kilimanjaro cost?

The cost of a private climb averages USD 2900 per person. Premium packages with stays in 5* hotels are about $5500 per person. You can view the cost of participating in expeditions on different routes and tariffs on the Kilimanjaro climbing price page.

Participation in group expeditions is cheaper - about $2500 per person. In this case, you will be traveling with other hikes from all over the world. More details can be found in the section on group climbs to Kilimanjaro.

Are there discounts for newlyweds?

All newlyweds enjoy a 7% discount on any journey with Altezza Travel for a year after their wedding. Whether you aspire to climb the Roof of Africa, embark on an adventurous honeymoon safari, or unwind by crystal-clear ocean waters on a beach honeymoon, we've got you covered. And there’s no need to settle for just one experience: many couples opt for a combination, booking a truly unforgettable vacation. Reach out to us and will assist you in choosing one of the individual honeymoon packages that matches your requirements.

Is climbing Kilimanjaro safe?

Climbing to the summit is completely safe provided that basic high-altitude acclimatization rules are followed and you are accompanied by professional guides.

In Altezza Travel expeditions, safety is based on the following principles:

Mandatory medical check-ups

Twice a day, our guides conduct medical check-ups for all hikers and the support team. Additionally, all Altezza camps along the way have comprehensive medical kits and an unlimited supply of bottled oxygen.

Certified WFR guides

All Altezza Travel guides must pass the Wilderness First Responder exam. The certificate confirms mastery of first aid skills and the ability to organize an evacuation in the mountains.

Quality equipment

We use only branded tents and equipment from The North Face, Red Fox, Black Diamond, Patagonia, and Columbia. It's warm and cozy in our tents at night, and the rented climbing gear is comfortable and sturdy.

Over 4500 climbers every year trust us to organize their expeditions. That makes Altezza the largest tour operator on Kilimanjaro. We have organized large-scale expeditions for Red Bull, several World Record holders, and numerous elite athletes and CEOs. 

Altezza Travel operates only in Tanzania: our team lives here, and we are confident that we can ensure safety and comfort at every stage of your journey. Since 2014, we have organized more than 20,000 ascents to the summit of Africa without a single threat to the life and health of our clients.

More about the safety of our expeditions can be read in our guide to climbing Kilimanjaro.

Why is a support team needed?

The support team on Mount Kilimanjaro is responsible for organizing the comfort and safety of the clients. Porters carry food supplies and equipment, set up tents, and fetch water from natural sources. Cooks prepare delicious meals. Mountain guides conduct daily medical checks, share their knowledge of the national park’s flora, fauna, and folklore, as well as offer support and encouragement on your way up.

On Kilimanjaro, relatively large support teams are the norm. For example, if you book a private expedition for 2 people, 13-14 members of our team will accompany you. This is how many people are needed to carry the necessary supplies and run the camps for a seven-day trip.

This does not mean that you will always be in the company of support team members. Most of the time, porters and cooks are busy working in the camp, and the guides know that newlyweds typically want to spend more time alone with nature and each other.

What if one of us cannot continue the climb?

Approximately 3-4% of hikers do not reach the summit. This happens for various reasons: insufficient level of physical preparation, chronic diseases, recently transferred diseases, etc. It is impossible to predict this before the start of the expedition.

The support team will do everything possible so that both you and your partner reach the summit. We choose only safe routes for ascents with a gentle program of high-altitude acclimatization.

Still have questions?

Feel free to explore our blog – it contains many extensive articles on everything Kilimanjaro-related. And, of course, we will be more than happy to chat with you and offer individual advice.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in beautiful Tanzania!

Published on 14 April 2024 Revised on 14 April 2024
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