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Covid-19 Tanzania Travel Update (7 May 2021)

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Travel Advisory of 07 May, 2021 

In response to the emergence of novel variants of the COVID-19 virus, on 07 May, 2021 the healthcare authorities of the United Republic of Tanzania published a new Travel Advisory, which imposed several new requirements upon the travellers planning to visit the country. 

In short, these requirements are not much different from the COVID-19 regulations adopted by most of the popular holiday destinations. They are not overly restrictive for travellers, and though they require some additional actions, they will not pose an obstacle on your way to the dream vacation! 

The Travel Advisory, among other things, prescribes the following:

Ban of all flights from India 

All flights to and from India, with the exception of humanitarian and other government-approved ones, are banned until further notice.

All travellers who visited India within the last 14 days will be subject to rapid test screening followed by a 14-day mandatory quarantine in one of the approved hotels. 

The advisory does not say whether this rule applies to flights with connection at India-based airports, but, supposedly it does.

Completion of the online Traveller Health Surveillance Form 

Within 24 hours prior to arrival inTanzania each traveller should fill in an online Traveller Health Surveillance Form available at

To complete this form, you will need to provide your passport details, recent travel history (last 14 days). On the third page, it will be necessary to enter the details about your host in Tanzania.

Contact our team, and we will let you know what information to put there. 

When you finish completing the form, the system will assign you a special code, which you should keep while staying in Tanzania.

Mandatory PT-PCR Testing to enter the country 

Every tourist entering the country should obtain a negative PT-PCR test certificate with samples collected within 72 hours before landing in Tanzania. 

The certificate should be in English or, if it is in any other language than English, an official translation should be attached.

Rapid test upon arrivals 

Upon arrival to Tanzania, all travellers need to undergo a rapid test at the point of entry. The test takes 20-25 min. At the airport you might encounter queues in the points of sample collection. 

The cost of the rapid test is USD 25, payable by cash or by credit card (we strongly recommend having both, in case one of the options becomes unavailable). 

Hygiene in the country 

While staying in Tanzania, travellers are required to maintain routine hygiene measures, including regular hand washing, use of sanitizers, and keeping physical distance in crowded places (which are very few in Tanzania). 

PT-PCR test for leaving the country 

Tanzanian healthcare officials will ask you to present a PCR test certificate if your airline or your destination country requires it. 

While staying in Tanzania, it is possible to get tested in one of the approved laboratories in the country. Contact our team for more information.

Tanzania is safe!

Overall, as of May 2021, Tanzania remains one of the safest travel destinations on the planet. Unlike the popular beach destinations, local national parks provide ample opportunity to keep physical distance.

In addition to that, all hotels and tour operators strictly abide by the Standard Operating Protocol for Covid-19. This document outlines the list of protective measures in line with the recent WHO advisory. We are continually monitoring the situation in the hotels and lodges of our partners, and, to our satisfaction, the protocol is being meticulously followed by all of them. The travel community here understands the importance of safe and responsible travel, and, we are pleased to assure our visitors that the risks of exposure to COVID-19 in Tanzania are minimal.

Published on 11 September 2021 Revised on 15 December 2023
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