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Plastic ban in Tanzania

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The new Plastic Bags Ban Act came into effect from 1 June 2019. The ban affects all types of plastic bags regardless of their thickness (including cling film or plastic wrap) and implies fines. The ban shall not apply to medicines, items in plastic package preserving their quality and zip-lock bags for personal hygiene kits or documents (on condition that they are not thrown away on the territory of Tanzania).

In order to avoid problems by crossing the Tanzanian border, we are asking you to check your baggage for plastic bags and not pack it in plastic wrapping. The same applies for hand baggage. It is advisable to pack your things in paper or fabric bags. Alternatively, you could use waterproof nylon bags to protect your baggage from moisture.

We, in turn, are always ready to help you should any problems occur. You can reach us through the phone numbers below:

+255 786 350 114 - Anna

+255 786 350 410 - Dmitry

+255 786 350 216 - Alex

Published on 15 November 2022 Revised on 31 March 2024
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Marvin Derichs, a Germany-based travel consultant for Altezza Travel, spent seven years living in Tanzania before returning to snowy Schleswig. Drawing from his rich experience, he now advises prospective travelers on exciting adventures in Tanzania. Marvin possesses extensive knowledge about Tanzania's mountains and popular safari parks and shares his insights with our readers.

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Altezza Travel
Jenny Menzer
23 Nov 2023

What trash bags do you use on Kilimanjaro given that plastic ones are banned?

Altezza Travel
Altezza Travel
23 Nov 2023
Hi! We use special bags made from durable material. They are much stronger and roughly, they can be used for 1.5 to 2 years on Kilimanjaro
Altezza Travel
12 Oct 2023

Nice to see Tanzania supports a healthy future!

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