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Luxury Safari Adventures in Tanzania

All you need to know about the best safari trips in East Africa
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Luxury Safari in Tanzania

Experience luxury travel in Africa: witness the most sought-after wildlife on the planet while staying in premium accommodations set in breath-taking locations. African safaris have evolved from the camping expeditions they were decades ago; now travelers can choose a luxury safari and experience the beauty of Africa’s wild with all the pleasures and comforts of five-star resorts. Unmatched scenery, world-famous destinations, awarded historical sites, and incredible wildlife are what set luxury safaris in Tanzania apart from other locations throughout Africa.

In Tanzania, luxury safaris go further than just offering fantastic safari vacations at a more expensive price - they give visitors access to private flights or hot air balloon rides for an aerial view of the famous Serengeti Migration.

Guests stay in top resorts with world-class chefs, spas, special activities and childcare throughout. On a luxury safari in Tanzania, your safari goes beyond all expectations to offer exclusive accommodations, such as premium, all-inclusive lodges right inside a national park; or top resorts that put service and guest experience at the forefront of everything.

Guests may also stay at glamorous tented camps in remote locations, with special touches such as private warm pools located in each suite, or individual balconies with a spectacular view of the Rift Valley Escarpment. A luxury safari tour in Tanzania and Zanzibar takes a romantic vacation or honeymoon to the next level with special features like flowers and wine at every turn, the best chef-prepared desserts to commemorate special occasions, as well as massages and bubbling baths to create a romantic atmosphere throughout your luxury safari holiday.

What is Luxury African Safari?

What exactly takes a Tanzanian safari from a regular adventure viewing wildlife to a luxury experience?

Tanzania is already the best location to take an African safari because it is home to Africa’s highest mountain, the famous Serengeti, incredible Zanzibar, the Great Rift Valley and home to several endangered species, with national efforts to protect elephants and rhinoceros.

A luxury safari in Tanzania considers all aspects of a typical safari and enhances the comfort level, elevates every experience to be a premium encounter, and creates not just a wonderful vacation, but an unmatched adventure that will change the way you view Africa.

With a luxury safari package in Tanzania and Zanzibar, guests have exclusive access to private animal reserves and special accommodations set within national parks. Top resorts and lodges mean access to prime areas for wildlife-viewing, special features such as spa services and romantic extras at each accommodation throughout your stay in Tanzania.

A luxury tour provides the opportunity for chartered flights, exclusive hot air balloon tours, and many more spectacular experiences that create a truly special holiday, not just a vacation.

Tanzania on the Map

Tanzania is in East Africa. This beautiful country is bordered by the Indian Ocean on the East, Mozambique on the South, Zambia and DRC on the West and Kenya on the North. Of all popular Safari destinations, Tanzania is unquestionably the best!

Tanzania Safari - Key Facts

Tanzania Safari Quick Facts

Comfortable tropical
Best time to visit:
From June to October and from December to March
Tropical forests, savannah plains, mountains
Tanzania shilling
Crime level:
Low; basic precautions need to be taken
Recommended vaccination:
Yellow fever

Why do a luxury safari in Tanzania with Altezza Travel?

Altezza Travel is the best choice for a luxury safari in Tanzania because we have been running safari operations in Tanzania for years. Altezza Travel has established relationships with some of the top safari lodges in major destinations throughout Tanzania: think a fabulous tented lodge located within Serengeti National Park, or picturesque accommodations overlooking Lake Manyara. Further, Altezza Travel selects only the best safari guides, and from these core staff, choose only the most experienced and astute to guide luxury safaris. Guides who have a keen intuition for client’s needs and an understanding of differing personalities.

Great guides

All of our guides are top-notch, but from these we select only the most excellent guides with impeccable English and years of guiding experience to lead our luxury safari tours. Each of our guides is professional drivers, as well as experts in Tanzanian wildlife. They are certified in first-aid and have that little bit of ‘extra’ to enhance your special travels: are great story-tellers with a sense of humor, but are also sensitive to each traveler’s personality and need for solitude or meditative space.

Great vehicles

While a guide may be the heart of a great luxury safari in Tanzania, the safari vehicle is certainly a close second in priority. Altezza Travel recognizes the importance of each vehicle and ensures all of our vehicles are in the best condition, receive regular maintenance and are incredibly comfortable. We only operated new cars, which were produced from 2016 -2020. We go the extra-mile to outfit cars for a luxury vacation - with air conditioning, removable tops for excellent wildlife viewing, a working fridge for cool drinks and outlets to charge your electronic devices while on the road. When taking a luxury safari with Altezza Travel, rest assured we have thought of all the details to ensure you have the best luxury safari in Tanzania.

Air travel in between the parks and hot air ballooning

Consider taking your luxury safari to new heights. Yes, you can have an aerial safari in Tanzania! There are two adventures available, and guests have the opportunity to experience both hot air balloon safaris and private flights between parks for the most epic adventure in Tanzania.

Hot air balloon trips are especially encouraged for the Serengeti Migration, allowing guests to truly grasp the volume of animals with an above-ground perspective of the herds traveling into Tanzania. While safari cars are limited to roads and parking near the best viewing points can become crowded, there are no restrictions to what you can see and where you can go in a balloon above the Serengeti!

Private flights from Serengeti or Manyara National Park are great options to save driving time, but also offer amazing views of the Great Rift Valley, the mountains of Tanzania and the landscape of this great nation. Guests may see elephant families marching together, or view flocks of pink flamingos along the shores of Lake Manyara, all from above. Private safaris by plane provide the chance for guests to capture unmatched photos of Tanzania’s wildlife and experience a different perspective of East Africa - from the air!

Off-the-beaten track locations

Luxury Safaris go further than just the popular Northern Tanzanian parks: trek with chimps where Jane Goodall conducted her research at Gombe Stream National Park; visit the iconic and largest lake in Africa - Lake Tanganyika; see the largest animal reserves in Tanzania at Selous Game Reserve on the Southern circuit.

Luxury safaris allow for more opportunities to visit remote locations and experience less crowded - but just as awe-inspiring - locations in Tanzania. Contact our team of travel experts and share your dream safari - we can help make it a reality.

Well-established relationships with the safari lodges

When choosing a luxury safari, book with a company that has experience and connections in Tanzania. Altezza Travel has been running safaris in Tanzania for years and have invested in relationships with resorts, premium lodges and hotels to ensure our clients receive the very best service.

Instead of you bearing the hassle of arranging our accommodations and booking with hotels, we at Altezza Travel handle all of the details. We arrange and confirm bookings with top hotels at special rates to ensure everything is perfect. We can also request for special features to take your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon or romantic vacation over-the-top! Contact one of our specialists to request romantic extras during your stay and throughout your safari in Tanzania.

Luxury safaris are the perfect choice for all types of travelers, including families with children, groups, retirees, family reunions, and of course, a fabulous honeymoon. This is because luxury safari packages in Tanzania offer flexibility and exclusive features. Take your travels from a traditional vacation to an incredible journey with a luxury safari in Tanzania.

Who Tanzania safari is good for?


African sunsets are spectacular. Now, just imagine a candle-lit dinner on your private veranda, under the backdrop of such a romantic savannah sunset. Of course, dinner and wine are exquisite, and everything is decorated with tropical flowers. Further romantic options include a professional massage or a flower-strewn bath.

Tanzania allows travelers to truly have it all: an escape in nature with adventure and wildlife, as well as serene beaches and a tropical paradise.

For an epic honeymoon, consider a luxury safari in Northern Tanzania, staying at top lodges and remote tented glamorous lodges. Then, finish your holiday at a resort in Zanzibar, basking in the sun and swimming in the Indian Ocean.


Think luxury vacations are only for couples? Think again! There are a host of exclusive activities for families on a luxury safari. Take to the air for a hot air balloon tour and get an aerial safari your children will remember for the rest of their lives. Children become enraptured by nature on wildlife safaris and truly enjoy driving through the African bush and spotting unique wildlife in real life - animals that their classmates only read about in books.

Most premium resorts and lodges have pools that children of all ages can enjoy, as well as child-friendly activities like nature walks, bike rides and learning a traditional Tanzanian dance.

Parents, if you want to enjoy an hour-long massage at your lodge, consider that luxury packages often include child-care services by trained professionals at your accommodations, so you can rest assured your child is in good hands while you fully relax at the spa.

Choose a luxury safari for a family vacation because it is the absolute best and your family will remember this incredible experience for the rest of their lives. This could be the legacy that your children pass on to their children: taking a wild - yet safe- safari adventure in Tanzania.

Friends and colleagues

Groups that share an experience are stronger, more unified and work better together. Organizing for groups can feel overwhelming - that’s where Altezza Travel can help. Book a luxury tour and have all the details handled by the professionals, your group will enjoy an ideal safari tour in Tanzania without any headaches on your end. Create lasting memories and strengthen your team through a luxury safari in Tanzania, without any hassle on your part!

An excellent idea for a reunion, adventure and team building activities

One of the benefits of a luxury safari is that it is broad enough and flexible enough to cater to all types of travelers, making it the ideal choice for family reunions. The family patriarchs and matriarchs can enjoy relaxing and interesting travel, and the youngest family members will have plenty of opportunities to explore and see the world. No matter one’s age, everyone in the family will have the time of their lives, with a luxury safari in Tanzania.

How much does a luxury safari cost?

Those booking a luxury safari in Tanzania should be prepared for an increase in cost from a mid-range safari. At first glance, it may seem expensive, but when compared to a luxury safari in other areas of Africa or Asia, the price is understandable, especially considering the incredible, exclusive features on a luxury safari in Tanzania.

Remember that Tanzania is home to several world-renown destinations and awarded World Heritage Sites. Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar are just some of the famous places in Tanzania that set this country apart from other East African nations, and even the continent!

Tanzania is often considered the most peaceful nation in East Africa, so travelers can rest assured about booking a safari package in Tanzania. Tanzania knows hospitality and every effort is made to ensure traveler’s safety, comfort and overall spectacular experience while on safari.

The final price of a luxury safari in Tanzania depends on the length of each safari, number of guests and added activities, such as chartered flights and exclusive activities, like trekking with chimps. Contact one of our travel specialists to discuss what you want in a luxury safari for a more accurate estimated cost.

Places to go for a luxury safari

Altezza Travel offers luxury safaris to all of the key safari parks in the Northern Circuit, as well as other destinations across Tanzania. Here are some of the most popular parks:

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is a great option for travelers who have limited time because it is near to Arusha, international airports, and suitable for a day-safari. Overnight options are available, as well, for the travelers seeking more time in this amazing national park. The main attractions are the ancient baobabs (which can live over a thousand years!), and the largest elephant population in Northern Tanzania. Visitors to this park are sure to see plenty of elephants and giraffes, as well as major predators like lions, leopards, and cheetahs.

There are a number of luxury accommodations in Tarangire National Park, or just outside its gates for convenient access. These lodges offer beautiful swimming pools with magnificent views, day spa treatments, and chef-prepared three-or five-course meals.

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is an excellent choice for travelers going to the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater. Situated near both these major destinations, Lake Manyara National Park offers a pristine and calm safari drive to break up the total distance to Serengeti National Park.

Bird enthusiasts, especially, should visit Lake Manyara National Park for the many distinct bird species which make their nests in the forest surrounding the lake. Lake Manyara itself has a rosy hue from afar, due to the great number of pink flamingos living along its shores. This national park is the only location in Tanzania to witness tree-climbing lions.

Luxury resorts around Lake Manyara offer breath-taking views of the Great Rift Valley, scenes of the Ngorongoro Hills, and all-inclusive features for those on a luxury safari.

Ngorongoro Crater

No luxury safari in Tanzania would be complete without a visit to the famous Ngorongoro Crater. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and archeological destination in its own right, Ngorongoro Crater boasts the highest density of wild animals on the planet. The Crater formed when a volcano - presumably larger than Africa’s tallest mountain - erupted and left behind this massive caldera. Now, Ngorongoro is home to many of the most-sought after wildlife in Tanzania, including; the endangered black rhino, elephants, and possibly the largest pride of lions in East Africa.

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is a massive national park in northern Tanzania, along the border to Kenya. It is here that tourists flock every year to witness the great Serengeti Migration, featuring millions of animals returning from the Maasai Mara along the Grumeti River. Zebras, gazelles and wildebeests return in large herds to raise their young in the savannahs of Tanzania. These animals are naturally followed by predators, making Serengeti National Park an ideal location to spot leopards, lions and cheetahs as they follow the grazing animals across the African savannah.

Places to stay: Luxury Tanzania Lodges and Camps

Lodges differ from hotels; a hotel is typically a single building offering private rooms and possibly a restaurant from within one structure, whereas lodges are spread out across a wide area with separate houses to accommodate guests and one or two definite dining spaces. Many lodges have their own gardens, bird watching areas and nature walks for guests to enjoy. Lodges are also all-inclusive, meaning meals (and occasionally, drinks) are included in your stay and will not show up on a separate bill.

Luxury lodges in Tanzania take hospitality a step further: providing not only excellent service, but special touches and interesting cultural activities for guests:

  • Have access to a swimming pool in the middle of the African savannah
  • Enjoy a glass of wine with a view of not one, but two famous Tanzanian mountains
  • Learn the traditional Maasai dances or take a walking safari led a traditional warrior
  • Discover how a particular lodge is working with the community to protect elephants
  • And much more!

Guests stay in lodges situated within National Parks, or conveniently located just outside entrances to ensure ease of access for wildlife viewing. Luxury Lodges throughout Tanzania are each unique, but also share the same focus of providing guests with a superb experience in Tanzania.

Don’t picture sleeping in a tiny tent, or atop flimsy mat when you see ‘Tented Camp’. Tented camping on a luxury safari is “glamping”; a perfect blend of all the fabulous aspects you expect in Tanzania’s wilderness, while also having every comfort and pleasure available throughout your stay. Guests stay in permanent canvas tents which bring them right into nature, while providing a fully-functional bathroom with hot water and shower, and a proper, comfortable bed. Many tented lodges have amazing views from unique locations and the best, chef-inspired cuisine. Guests love tented lodges because they are top-quality accommodations in unique locations with breathtaking scenery.

How do we organize trips?

Altezza Travel organizes each luxury safari based on individual interest, with special attention given to the occasion- such as a honeymoon or family reunion. Our staff go the extra mile to communicate with lodges and safari drivers before and during safaris to ensure the best possible experience for our clients. Each safari car undergoes a meticulous inspection before departure to ensure the highest safety standards and avoid potential inconveniences while on the road. All of our driver-guides are full-time employees, and we never take the risk of hiring contracted free-lance drivers for any of our safaris. In this way, we can ensure our guests are led by experts in wildlife and who have in depth knowledge of the national parks.

A luxury safari in Tanzania with Altezza Travel means leaving all the details and arrangements with us, so that you can have the absolute best safari and a holiday to remember.

Extend your journey: Zanzibar beach vacations after safari

A popular addition to a Tanzanian safari tour is a visit to the gorgeous Zanzibar. Off the coast of Tanzania, this tropical paradise has enticed sultans, traders and travelers for centuries. The area is brimming with history, lined with white sand beaches, and is a perfect romantic ending to any Tanzanian trip.

This unique place blends the mystery of ancient Swahili culture with romantic modern-day amenities for a truly magical experience. Zanzibar is known as ‘The Spice Island’ and tourists from around the world are enchanted with the unique flavors of food and drink found in Zanzibar. Travelers can consider swimming with dolphins, learning to kitesurf or just enjoy relaxing on serene beaches.

Ask our travel experts about a Zanzibar extension to your Tanzania travels. Our team can arrange amazing stays and unique experiences for you, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy. Learn more about Zanzibar here.

How to prepare for Tanzania Safari

To prepare for you Tanzanian safari first consider travel dates, keeping in mind June - September, especially, because there is typically little to no rain to damper your visit. The hot season in Tanzania is November - February, another popular time. For a more private, quiet experience book an off-season adventure, such as October or February - May.

Choose your citizenship

Many nationalities may obtain a visa upon arrival to Tanzania. Confirm if your country of origin is included here on the left.

Please note, in most cases Tanzania Immigration accepts visa fees in US Dollars only, so ensure you have cash on-hand.

Ask us! We can provide packing lists, detailed tips for travelers and answer any additional questions you might have. We love chatting directly with travelers, so please send us a message. We have a wealth of experience leading adventures and safaris in Tanzania, and we pride ourselves on providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences to travelers from across the globe. We handle all the details and arrange everything, and you have the best safari of your life!

What to pick & what to wear on safari?

Travelers should pack:

  • Comfortable and durable walking shoes
  • Sandals (especially if planning to visit Zanzibar)
  • Light cotton trousers or slacks
  • Shorts or a comfortable skirt
  • A light sweater or jacket, for possibly chilly evenings
  • A long-sleeved shirt
  • Several T-shirts or casual blouses
  • Swimwear (many lodges have swimming pools, and a definite must of you are planning a Zanzibar extension to your luxury tour)
  • A hat to protect from the strong African sun
  • Sunscreen

You can read our detailed safari packing list here.


Tanzania is the perfect travel destination: amazing landscapes, interesting historical sites, untouched wilderness and incredible wildlife to behold. With Altezza Travel, your adventure can be a luxury tour, too! We handle all the details, including; bookings, accommodations and any extra details you need to make your safari amazing. A Tanzanian safari tour with Altezza Travel means you get to have the time of your life at top resorts and lodges with all-inclusive packages and memories to last a lifetime.

Anna is the Kilimanjaro climbs and safari coordinator at Altezza Travel. Most of her time, she spends meeting the Altezza Travellers when they arrive in Tanzania. She knows everything about adventure and how to start it. Whatever questions or doubts you may have - Anna is always ready to help.

She has taken part in many adventures all over Tanzania, exploring the retreats of Serengeti, trails of Kilimanjaro and the underwater world of Mafia. She is always eager to discover new wonders of this country and share her experiences with our community.
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