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Meticulous attention to detail has earned us a reputation of the best tour operator in the northern Tanzania and a #1 spot on TripAdvisor. Your once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Africa will be in good hands!
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Altezza Travel takes an active part in social and conservation initiatives. We are also an honest taxpayer. Earnings from our tours in the sites of national heritage return to the budget of Tanzania to be reinvested in the nation's welfare.
Spark of Inspiration
We have made this short film to give you a glimpse of what is awaiting you in the national parks of Tanzania. Take a look and see why National Geographic and Animal Planet come here over and over again to film their documentaries about nature.
Tanzania is rightfully extolled as the finest safari destination in Africa. Expeditions of National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet don't cease to produce documentaries about the unique wildlife habitats and beauty of this place. Being the largest country in East Africa, Tanzania has more than 30% of its vast territory classed as national parks, game reserves and conservation areas.
The list of Tanzania’s top nature reserves Altezza Travel can take you to:
Serengeti National Park
World Heritage Site and Tanzania’s most famed and remarkable national park. The endless plains of Serengeti are a stage to watch the dramatic circle of life unfold in front of your own eyes. Check our Safari Travel Guide at the bottom of this page to learn more about the Great Migration in Serengeti.
Ngorongoro Conservation Area
World Heritage Site and the largest unbroken caldera in the world. The concentration of wild animals inhabiting Ngorongoro Crater is unparalleled by any other national park on the planet. With its stunning views and landforms, the crater is an exceptional geological landmark that is worth a visit on its own.
Tarangire National Park
The sixth-largest national park in Tanzania, Tarangire will treat explorers to superb wildlife viewings. The Tarangire River crossing the valley of the park is a source of fresh water drawing animals to concentrate in the park in great numbers. Densely growing baobabs and acacia trees will provide an iconic African backdrop for your game-drive in Tarangire!
Lake Manyara National Park
Though small in territory, Lake Manyara boasts an impressive range of habitats. Dense woodlands of the park will serve a nice change of scenery after the savanna dominated landscapes and will treat you to viewings of primates, ungulates and, if you are lucky, tree-climbing lions! Out in the open you will get to enjoy the view of Lake Manyara’s serene waters and various birds flocking to its shores.
Arusha National Park
The strongest appeal of Arusha lies in its unique varied geology. Tropical rainforest covering the slopes of the dormant volcano Meru and the breach in its caldera make for the most exciting walking safari route! Only in Arusha will you get up so close and personal with the multiple colobus monkeys, giraffes, buffalo and antelopes that live here. To top off this fairytail experience, you’ll head for the Momella Lakes to watch the migrating water birds that are regular visitors here.
Lake Natron Area
A remote and not so easily accessible landmark, Lake Natron is an especially good idea in August-October when its shores are populated by nesting pink flamingos. During the dry season Lake Natron gains its famous rich red colour. Backdropped by the dramatic sight of the volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai towering in the distance, Lake Natron is a truly majestic place to be.
Mahale Mountains National Park
Deep in the heart of Tanzania by the white sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika, you will find one of the world’s most exclusive sites to watch a complex social species of chimpanzees. Guided treks through the jungle forests of the Mahale Mountains will take your breath away with the meaningful insights into the habits and games of the most intellectual apes on Earth!
Ruaha National Park
Far away from Tanzania’s popular national parks, Ruaha is not spoiled by tourists’ attention. This is one of the few corners in the world where you can feel truly one-on-one with nature. The diversity and number of animals you will find here is simply staggering — in line with the magnitude of the park’s size. If you are seeking an off-the-beaten-path safari experience, Ruaha is the place to go!
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We partner only with those hotels and lodges that have proved their dedication to the same high service standards that we hold. Your travel manager will tailor your tour to your expectations. We have personally inspected each hotel and lodge that you will find on our offers. Your only bother is to figure out your preferences and select accommodations that feel right for you.
Luxury hotel in Tanzania for safari accommodation
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Altezza Travel's off-road safari Land Cruiser in the savannah
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We have an excellent safari fleet of immaculately maintained Land Cruisers. Each vehicle is fitted with a fridge for refreshment drinks, Wi-Fi and power sockets. Convertible pop-up roof opens a panoramic 360° view and protects from the elements.
A typical airplane for flights in Tanzania during safari tours
Safe Air Travel
Altezza can arrange seamless flight itineraries all around Tanzania: be it the heartland of the national parks or bounty beaches of the Tanzanian islands. We work only with reliable air carriers loyal to the global aviation industry standards.
Enjoy our special deals on regular scheduled flights and charter aviation. Travel with confidence in your safety and comfort.
A hot air balloon over the savannah in Tanzania during a safari
Balloon Safari
Balloon safari is a way to experience absolute serenity as you float peacefully above the savanna in the shy rays of dawn. It is a unique opportunity to get to the nooks of Serengeti that are inaccessible by road. Receive the best offer and service by booking with Altezza!
Altezza Will Plan Your Safari Smart

We know that a trip to Tanzania is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so our team goes the extra mile so you see not only the most animals possible, but experience it all in comfort and style.

Safari holidays in the national parks of Tanzania are a chance to see planet Earth in its pristine untouched beauty. Conservation efforts made by the government of Tanzania and the dedicated NGOs help to keep the fragile balance of these precious ecosystems in check. Thanks to generations of hard work, we can still find these wildlife areas well and functional. Going on safari is a meaningful and valuable human experience to be had at least once in one’s lifetime.

To make sure you have a memorable and exciting adventure, our team of experienced safari consultants will thoroughly check your expectations to design the perfect dream tour that will match your individual travel style. Altezza will guide you through the overwhelming diversity of options available to a traveller in Tanzania. You will be offered a choice between luxurious stone-built lodges and more authentic tented-lodge experiences to resemble the classic camping safaris. We will give you our expert advice on the best choice of parks and locations based on the season you make the journey. Pace and timing of the tour are also to be tailored to your comfort habits, and Altezza Team will take care of that!

Read more about the concept of a safari adventure in this article and take a look at our sample itinerary
Altezza Travel offers the best safaris
We know that a trip to Tanzania is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so our team goes the extra mile so you see not only the most animals possible, but experience it all in comfort and style.
Safari Tour Steenbok - 3 Days
Visit Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater on this exciting safari. This 3-day safari covers three top attractions in Northern Tanzania.
From $1,217
Read More
Safari Tour Hartebeest - 5 Days
Visit Africa's legendary nature reserves: Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and the main treasury of Tanzanian wildlife - Serengeti National Park.
From $2,270
Read More
Safari Tour Eland - 7 Days
See the wonders of Tarangire, explore the area around the magical Lake Natron and its neighbor - Ol Doinyo Lengai. Go to Serengeti National Park and round it off with the breathtaking Ngorongoro!
From $3,183
Read More
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Can I combine Safari and Kilimanjaro Climbing?
5 travelers at the Furtwängler Glacier on an expedition to Kilimanjaro
Those traveling such a far way to Africa definitely want to make the most of their journey. For you not to skip any of Tanzania's iconic landmarks, we are always ready to design a combo-package that will include both Mt Kilimanjaro and safari.
Each part of the package can be tailored to your budget and holiday leave time. It can either be a grand tour with about a week-long Kilimanjaro expedition and a multiday safari; or it can be a shorter program with the prime focus on one of the two. For example, you can climb Kilimanjaro, have some rest and continue with only 1-2 days of safari. The reversed plan is reach the lower camps of Kilimanjaro on a 1-3 day trek and proceed with the big multiday safari adventure.
Let us know where your interests lie and we'll make sure you get the best of both worlds!
Can I combine Safari and Beach Vacation?
A dhow boat in the Indian Ocean off the sandy coast of Zanzibar
To bathe in serenity on a white bounty beach after a wild adventure is an opportunity not many countries can offer. And yet, everything is possible in Tanzania! The Tanzanian islands of the Indian Ocean are a special treat for those wanting an experience more authentic and original than the classic refined resorts of the Maldives, Seychelles or Egypt.
Of all Tanzanian islands, Zanzibar is the most popular one by far. If you are looking for a more special and solitary experience, we recommend exploring the islands of Pemba and Mafia. The airlines of Tanzania can take you to any of these islands straight from the wilderness of the national parks, cutting down your car transfers to a minimum.
Serengeti De-Snaring Project

Since 2018 Altezza Travel has been one of the key sponsors of Serengeti De-Snaring Project, a joint effort of the Frankfurt Zoological Society and the tour operators of Tanzania to free the savannah from snares and traps. Earnings from each tour booked with us are transferred to Serengeti De-Snaring Project to save the ecosystems of Tanzania for future generations.

More about Projects
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To make your customer experience with us pleasant and smooth, we invest a lot in the automation of our business processes. Right now Altezza Travel has our own company software able to create and calculate travel programs within sheer minutes! Moreover, all booking and personal data now collected and stored automatically, the risk of mistakes in the service delivery is now at the absolute minimum.

Popular Questions
Why should you choose Altezza Travel?
  • Altezza Travel is a company permanently based in Tanzania. You won’t have to cover the cost of commission paid to agents and middlemen, and you’ll be able to fully rely on our extensive expertise in the service and logistics of safari tours in Tanzania.
  • Our fleet of safari vehicles is made up of new meticulously maintained Land Cruisers, 2016-2022 years of manufacture. Read more about our safari vehicles in this article.
  • We personally inspect hotels and lodges featured on our travel programs to ensure that our guests enjoy great service and the adequate price-quality ratio.
  • Operation of our safari tours is always accompanied by feedback and quality checks. This practice allows us to consistently improve our performance and make sure that we work only with the best lodges and safari guides in Tanzania.
  • Altezza Travel is an honest and socially responsible tour operator. We work in full compliance with the tax law of the United Republic of Tanzania making sure that the state budget receives funds that will further be invested in the country’s welfare. Going on safari with Altezza, you choose responsible travel that doesn't exploit local communities, but respects them and aims at their thriving.
Why should you choose Tanzania?

Tanzania is one of those countries where the rich natural heritage is being preserved on the state level. The country can boast 22 national parks, which together occupy more than 10% of the overall territory. In addition to them, there are more than two dozen other protected areas with different statuses - in total, about 38% of the territory is protected by the state. This ratio is one of the highest rates in the world.

First of all, Tanzania attracts tourists from all over the world with the opportunity to observe animals in national parks. The fauna of Tanzania is rich and diverse: more than 300 species of mammals, more than 1000 species of birds, many amphibians and reptiles live here. According to all these indicators, the country is among the leaders on the African continent.

UNESCO recognizes seven places in Tanzania as World Heritage Sites: the Ngorongoro Reserve, where the Maasai tribe coexists with animals; Serengeti National Park with its largest migration of mammals in the world; the Selous Reserve, famous for its biodiversity and a gigantic area of ​​over 50,000 square kilometers; and most importantly, Kilimanjaro National Park with its iconic mountain, climbing which is a dream for many. Five more unique places in Tanzania are on the list of contenders for the world heritage status; Stream in the west of the country and Jozani Chwaka Bay in Zanzibar.

Tourism in Tanzania is well developed: there are many hotels, including ultra-luxury ones. Not only regular flights, but also charter flights are available, cashless payments are accepted in many places. Restaurants serve dishes of both Western and Eastern cuisines, amd one of two official languages ​​is English. In addition to safari trips, mountain tourism and beach holidays are developed and very popular. You can also diversify the program with excursions to the sites of nature and culture.

Tanzania is a calm and safe country. There have been no coups or civil unrest, which means that all spheres of life are constantly developing. The government, headed by the president, pays attention not only to the protection of natural resources and tourism, but also to security and health care. This means that not only tourists, but also citizens of Tanzania are protected from crime and epidemics.

The most interesting parks of the country are located compactly, which reduces the cost of the entire tour and makes travel between them comfortable. There are two established tourist routes in Tanzania. The first is the Northern Circuit of parks: Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Serengeti National Parks. And the second one is the wilder Southern Circuit passing through Ruaha, Mikumi and Selous. Of course, if you have time and money, you can combine them and get all the variety of impressions from the nature of Africa. In addition to those listed, there are other parks that are worth the attention of curious travelers. For example, Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains , located on the shores of the deepest lake in Africa - Tanganyika . Ask our managers about them.

What is a safari?

Safari is an adventure trip to a protected wildlife area in Africa where animals can be seen roam freely. What people find so enjoyable about safari may be an enigma to some. Safari is an out of the ordinary experience, a total breakout from conventional tourism. It is a chance to get up close and personal with the world’s most impressive animals and immerse in their natural habitat.

Most commonly, safari is a ride in an equipped off-road vehicle accompanied by a driver-guide. A classic game-drive can be supplemented with various cultural visits to tribes, trekking activities, hot air balloon safaris, walking safaris, and boat safaris on water. Altezza Travel has safari programs lasting from one to seven days. We can customize a tour of any length and we highly recommend spending as many days on safari trips as you can during your vacation - it's the best way to experience the magnificent African wildlife

Read more about the history and culture of safari adventures in this article.

Cost of safari and payment methods

The cost of safari tours is calculated depending on their duration (1-7 days), the number of participants (1-5 people) and the chosen level of hotel comfort. For example, a one-day safari in Tarangire Park for a group of five people will cost $245. A week-long safari with a visit to the main reserves of northern Tanzania and accommodation in premium hotels for one person may cost up to $14,811.

You can pay for your safari with Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards or Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. It is also possible to pay in cash in US dollars, euros and British pounds.

Cost composition of our safari tours

When designing our safari packages, we aim to provide the best quality and comfort at the most reasonable price. There are multiple factors affecting the price of safari in Tanzania, the primary ones being:

  • cost of entry permits to national parks
  • cost of accommodations and their service level category
  • location of accommodations in respect to the territory of national parks (hotels and lodges inside the national parks are charged with concession fees)

The national parks you choose to visit can make a big difference to the cost of your safari tour, Ngorongoro and Serengeti being the highest-priced travel destinations in Tanzania. Accommodations can also be adjusted to the travelers’ budget requirements: you will have a wide choice between the rustic 3* accommodations and richly interiored high-end award-winning 5* properties. Staying in the areas outside the national parks will spare you some expenses and vice versa. And finally, our rates must always allow for the decent salary to our safari guide, safari vehicle amortization, fuel and the mandatory governmental fees and taxes paid by a law-abiding tour operator. 

While doing our utmost to adjust the price to the requested budget, we will never compromise on some essentials that we deem to be key to a pleasant and memorable safari adventure. For example, to protect our customers from disappointment and discomfort, we do not operate camping safaris with overnights at campsites or offer our safari vehicles for rent.

We provide the level that we ourselves would agree to: a new fleet of vehicles, professional staff, organization of safety and first aid training for our drivers, development of our own software that allows us to control all organizational processes, constant communication of managers with customers, quick response to all requests and wishes. Our employees who work on all these tasks are qualified and responsible, they deserve good pay for their work. Summing up all the terms, we will get the prices for safari programs offered by Altezza Travel.

Best time for safari in Tanzania. Weather and seasons

The best time for your safari in Tanzania will depend on your travel priorities. In general, a year in Tanzania can be split into three parts:

  • Dry season: June-October, January-March
  • Small rains: November-December
  • Big rains: April-May

The dry season months are usually singled out as the best because it is the time when animals tend to concentrate by the rivers and other sources of water, which makes wildlife spotting easier. Clear sunny days and lower numbers of mosquitoes are also listed as advantages. However, one major downside of the dry season is that parks in the north of the country tend to get crowded with safari vehicles. From the end of January, the birth season for zebras, wildebeest and other antelopes begins. This attracts many predators that prey on the young. During this period, the lions themselves with cheetahs, as well as elephants, actively breed. All this adds energy and activity to the herds and to the interaction between species.

In the rainy season months the traffic of vehicles is much more moderate. You get a chance to see the savanna lush and green after rains and, not less importantly, enjoy some good discounts from safari lodges. There's no reason to fear rains: safari Land Cruisers have a pop-off roof that can be closed any time it starts raining.

It is also important to point out a couple of specific transition periods in a year when the likelihood of rains is low, but the national parks are not as busy as during the peak months. These include late March, early June, late October and November.

The average annual temperature in Tanzania is 23°C (73.4 °F). The warmest period is in November-February - 25-31°C (77.0–87.8 °F), and the coolest timespan is from May to August - 15-20°C (59–68 °F). Please note that evenings and nights can get chilly, especially in the Serengeti Valley and Ngorongoro Crater.

Read more about the characteristics of each season in this article . To learn about rains and temperatures in Tanzania, please check this article .

What clothes should you bring?

We recommend that you pack one T-shirt/shirt for each day of safari, shorts, lightweight sneakers, a cap with a wide brim or visor, a long-sleeved shirt, lightweight pants, and a swimsuit for the hotel pool. It’s also a good idea to bring a hoodie/warm sweater/light jacket because at night temperatures in the highlands (for example, in Ngorongoro) can drop to 0°C (32°F). You should also bring sunglasses, a buff or neck scarf, and sunscreen. Read about what else you might need on a safari trip in this article , where we have provided all the details.

Can you bring your kids on a safari trip?

You can go on a safari as a family. There is no age limit for visiting the national parks of Tanzania. Children will enjoy observing the animals from the safari car and learning interesting facts about them from the guide. Safety is guaranteed by Altezza Travel’s professionalism and high standards. Parents often bring their kids on our safari tours, and we are happy to welcome guests with children. The young travelers themselves are always left with bright and joyful impressions.

For families with several young children, it may be very important to spend nights in large family rooms or interconnected rooms. This type of accommodation is quite rare in hotels and tented lodges in safari areas. If you prefer family-room accommodation, we highly recommend booking your safari as early as possible - at least 6-12 months in advance.

What animals can you see on safari?

Of course, everyone is primarily interested in the Big Five: elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, and leopard. But be warned that seeing the leopard and rhino is not easy.

You're sure to see giraffes, zebras, and many species of antelope, from tiny dik-diks to waterbucks and kudu. In the parks, it's easy to see warthogs, sometimes called “Pumbaas” because of the Lion King character, and hornbills, sometimes called “Zazus” for the same reason.

Among other birds, you’re very likely to see ostriches, secretary birds, vultures, marabous, and many small birdies of various vibrant colors.

Paths that go near rivers promise encounters with crocodiles and hippos. Look carefully at the trees - in addition to birds they are home to monkeys. Lions and large spotted cats often lie imposingly on the branches as well. Smaller felines like servals are not rare, so look out for them too. Small damans can be spotted on the rocks below.

Jackals often follow the hunting lions, pink flamingos nest on the lakes, and impala antelopes are literally everywhere. But the most desirable for observers is the cheetah and the pretty caracal. Ask your guide questions, look around and try to use your binoculars more often. See all the animals to be found in Tanzania’s national parks on this page .

What is the Great Wildebeest Migration?

At least two million zebras, wildebeest and Thomson's gazelles, cannas, and Grant's gazelles are annually circling the vast savannahs of East Africa. Following the rains and the newly green pastures, huge herds of ungulates make their 800-kilometer trek across the Serengeti and Maasai Mara. This cycle never ends - in the north of Tanzania, you can constantly observe countless herds of herbivores moving in an endless migration.

Predators participate in the circle of life too - they are waiting for zebras and antelopes on their path. Prides of lions continuously go out to hunt, and in the rivers, toothy crocodiles patiently wait for their victims. You have probably seen pictures of wildebeest running wild, driven by fear, and rushing to cross African rivers. Approximately 3,000 crocodiles lurk in the murky water and wait for prey to jump right into their mouths.

You can witness this wildlife drama with your own eyes in the Serengeti at any time of year. Learn about the cycles of the Great Migration in this article and choose when to witness this large-scale show orchestrated by nature itself.

Which tribes live in Tanzania?

Altogether more than 120 ethnic groups and tribes live in Tanzania. The most numerous are Sukuma and Nyamwezi (south of Lake Victoria), Chagga (around Kilimanjaro), Haya (in the north-west of the country) and Makonde (in the south-east on the Mocambique border). The best known, however, are the Maasai - pastoral warriors who try to preserve their almost primitive traditions even in the 21st century. Read more about their culture and traditions in this article .

A tour of Tanzania's national parks allows you to visit these savannah dwellers and their circular villages, which are still built with sticks, mud and cow dung. You will be shown original household items, clothing and beautiful accessories from the Maasai culture. You will also see the structure of their dwellings and of course the rituals with obligatory high jumps, rhythmic dances and singing. Ask your safari manager to include a visit to the Maasai tribe in your itinerary and these exciting details will become a highlight of your African trip.

Do people go on a safari to hunt?

Once upon a time, in the first half of the 20th century, the words "safari" and "hunting" were synonymous. Rich gentlemen came to Africa to experience the intense emotions of stalking rhinos and leopards, chasing lions, and shooting elephants. But today a safari is a trip to a national park for the purpose of observing nature, learning the habits of animals, and contributing to the conservation of Africa's wildlife.

Although there are still hunting reserves in Tanzania, we do not work with them as a matter of principle. Altezza Travel does not provide services to those who want to hunt animals and does not cooperate with companies that exploit animals. We are against the senseless killing of living beings. For us and our clients, safari is an opportunity to peacefully interact with fragile nature, which is rapidly changing due to human actions. Come and see beautiful Africa and its stunning wildlife.

Safety and vaccinations

Traveling in Tanzania is safe and comfortable even for solo travelers, including women. The locals have a friendly attitude towards the tourists. And even in major cities, few people annoy the visitors, except for street vendors of souvenirs.

Tanzania is one of the safest countries on the continent. The people of Tanzania have never seen a civil war or any other large-scale unrest. The country’s police and army have a strong position in society and diligently fulfil their legal duties. Tourist attractions are mainly national parks patrolled by armed rangers who maintain order even in the most distant corners of the country. And finally, when travelling with Altezza, you will always be accompanied either by our drivers or by guides. You can be sure that your safety will be taken good care of. We will have your back throughout your time in Tanzania.

At the same time reasonable measures of protection are advisable: do not leave your personal belongings unattended or do not unnecessarily demonstrate expensive items to local residents to avoid provocations.

Unless you are entering Tanzania from the epidemiologically dangerous regions, no vaccinations are necessary, though some are advisable. Read this article to learn more on this topic.

Visa and airport transfers

Citizens of most countries can get a 90-day single-entry tourist visa upon arrival in the airport of Tanzania, the cost is 50 USD. In the same manner holders of American passports receive multi-entry visas that cost 100 USD. In both cases, payments are accepted in the airport in cash only. In the meantime, certain citizens can travel to Tanzania without having to obtain any visa at all. And some citizens must apply for a referral visa well in advance; for the application to be approved, they should provide an invitation letter from their ground tour operator. Please find more detailed instructions on the official website of the Immigration Service of Tanzania via this link . Single-entry and multiple-entry visas may also be applied for online in advance — this method usually spares travellers the time queuing at the airport by the visa counter.

Once you finish the border crossing formalities and receive your luggage, you will find the driver of Altezza Travel waiting for you outside the arrivals zone of the airport with a signboard and your name on it. Our modern comfortable minivans with soft drinks and AC will provide a comfortable transfer to your accommodations and a much-needed rest after the long flight.

Etiquette and Tips in Tanzania

Though Tanzania is a melting pot of Bantu, European, Arabic, Indian and other cultures, the daily etiquette of the country is quite simple. Greetings are important, and they usually take longer, so do not be surprised if your hand is being shaken a bit longer than you expected. In addition to that, always be sure to ask for permission when you feel like taking a picture that will catch a glimpse of the local residents. Show respect to the elders, be polite and you will never encounter any cultural misunderstanding in Tanzania.

When in Zanzibar, remember that a significant proportion of the island population is Muslim. Open clothes and public displays of affection between couples may be frowned upon, so both are best to avoid.

Tanzanians are a friendly and peaceful people, for whom hospitality is not an empty word. The locals are very proud of their country and always do their best to make sure that tourists leave the country with pleasant impressions only.

You will find some more travel tips about Tanzania in this article .

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