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You can join any group! If there is no group that fits your dates, contact us and we will choose a private tour for you.
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Kilimanjaro Adventures with Altezza Travel

We usually require a 30% deposit of the total price of the tour (600-700 USD) to confirm your participation. But now it is just a 100 USD deposit that is enough to reserve your spot!

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What Makes our Group Trips Special?

Safety and comfort. We have plenty of high-quality equipment from The North Face, Black Diamond, Red Fox, all in perfect condition. Our expeditions feature special renovated walk-in tents, which we have designed together with a team of talented USA-based engineers.

We care about the safety of all the participants and provide two medical check-ups daily. Each of the expeditions organized by Altezza Travel is supplied with emergency oxygen tanks, oximeters, tonometer,s and first aid kits.

Control from A to Z. When booking with Altezza you can be sure that all parts of your Kilimanjaro adventure will be organized by us. We do not resell the tours, we run them. It is our employees who will pick you up at the airport, it is our hotel you will be staying at, and it is our guides who will be leading you to the Roof of Africa. We will make your adventure a lifetime experience! And, unlike other travel companies, we are right here in Tanzania.

Top-notch guiding. Professional mountain crew will lead your group. All guides have "Wilderness First Responder" and "Wilderness First Aid" certificates, along with over 7 years of experience in climbing.

Variety of meal plans. We serve delicious meals in regular, vegetarian, halal, kosher, and gluten-free variations on our Kilimanjaro group treks. The team of Altezza mountain chefs has lots of pleasant surprises prepared for you!

We are trusted by National Geographic, Red Bull Summits Club, Action Challenge, The Clymb and many other reputable companies.

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