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Supporting Ukraine Together

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As the situation in Ukraine escalates and bombardment of major Ukrainian cities intensifies, we're urging you to make any contribution you can to support Ukrainian people in this fight.

We're standing with our Ukrainian colleagues and families in Kharkiv and Chernihiv who're currently staying in shelters under artillery fire, witnessing this senseless loss of life and damage done to their beloved country. If you'd like to show your support but aren't sure how to, we want to help make it easier for you to act.

For any amount donated to or any other humanitarian aid fund in support of Ukrainian people, we are ready to reduce the bill for your climbing expedition or safari by up to 300 USD as a discount in exchange for your donation. Just email us a proof of donation.

Also, our good friend from Ukraine Stefan Poliakov has recently shown us one more way to make a contribution. Stefan is a founder of Ukrainian Immigration Bureau, an organisation that was helping foreign citizens from around the world to find their home in Ukraine before the war. Now that the war broke out, Stefan and his UIB team became volunteers: they fundraise and purchase equipment, clothes, power generators, food, medicines and other essentials for military units and territorial defence in Ukraine. We vouch for their integrity and efficiency. You can make a direct donation to their fund through this link.

From all of us at Altezza, thank you.

23 May, 2022 update:

For ninety days now, the Ukrainian people have been courageously fighting a battle against Putin's army. In complete horror, we are watching the atrocities of the “liberators” in Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, Chernigov, Izyum, Nikolaev and Mariupol.

Some of Altezza's team members and their families remain in Ukraine. Many of our friends are now fighting for freedom and future of Ukraine. We admire the fortitude and resolve of our heroes.

We could not stand aside either. From the very first day of war Altezza has been helping the people of Ukraine in every possible way. As of 23 May, 2022 the company has done the following:

  • We donated to the Ukrainian Armed Forces through Monobank; 
  • Donations to UNICEF to deliver aid to civilians;
  • Donations to UAnimals — a group of volunteers providing care to pets that stayed without their owners or suffered a war trauma;
  • Purchase of body armor, helmets and medical equipment for the Kyiv territorial defence unit;
  • Purchase of a 4x4 vehicle and tourniquets for the Odessa territorial defence unit;
  • We provided financial assistance to the relief force, helping vulnerable people in Kyiv to get food. 

Finally, we have provided direct financial help to many people in Ukraine who lost their income and had to leave their home.

In total, as of May 23, 2022 we have spent around 22,500 USD to help Ukraine in this horrifying and senseless war. This amount does not include private donations made by our employees.

We will continue to support the people of Ukraine until the end of the war and thereafter.

Altezza Team 

Revised on 29 May 2022
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