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11 December 2018

Our safari vehicles

Exploring the wonders of Tanzania has never been as comfortable as it is today. Our safari fleet comprises new Land Cruisers (produced in 2016-2019), which are equipped with everything for a fantastic and enjoyable adventure: chargers for gadgets and video/photo cameras, spacious fridges for refreshing drinks and ergonomic seats, adapted for absorbing, but sometimes long cruising experiences in the National Parks.

For all “unforeseen adventures” , as well as for helping less fortunate and cautious tourists and drivers in the savannah, each car has several jack-screws, tow cables, shovels and spare tyres.

A GPS tracking, allowing us to track the location of each vehicle in a real-time mode, is installed in each car.

Tanzania safari cars

Our drivers

Altezza Travel is very selective in the recruitment practices. You will get one of the most accomplished guides in Tanzania, who are regularly trained and fairly paid. They are well-conversant in wildlife and know each nook and cranny of the National Parks. Apart from unmatched knowledge of the wilderness, our safari guides are proactive, polite, unobtrusive and responsible. Not only will they enrich your wildlife encounters with interesting information about the animals and flora, but also they will take care of all organizational matters and assist in communicating with the locals.

When you arrive at a lodge in a National Park, the workday of our safari guide does not finish - he cleans the car, preparing it for the next-day adventures of yours. Then, the team of mechanics carefully inspects it, making sure that everything is in place.

Wildlife Watching

The key advantage of a safari Land Cruiser is its convertible roof, making 360-degree watching possible. Once you enter the National Parks, the driver will lift the roof, which design  has been meticulously calculated to make sure that the adventures of any height have comfortable observation experiences: tall visitors will not have to cower, while people of small stature will not have stand on a toe.

safari car
Anna is the Kilimanjaro climbs and safari coordinator at Altezza Travel. Most of her time, she spends meeting the Altezza Travellers when they arrive in Tanzania. She knows everything about adventure and how to start it. Whatever questions or doubts you may have - Anna is always ready to help.

She has taken part in many adventures all over Tanzania, exploring the retreats of Serengeti, trails of Kilimanjaro and the underwater world of Mafia. She is always eager to discover new wonders of this country and share her experiences with our community.
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